Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 Ending Explained: Is Benedict Homosexual?

Bridgerton Season 3 ended recently, and it gave us many overwhelming surprises or, shall we say, shocks. Several lead characters dealt with betrayals, emotional breakdowns, and other issues, making the latest season of the franchise the most intriguing one. However, the most overwhelming scene in the latest installment involved Benedict Bridgerton and made us doubt his sexuality. So, here, we explore whether the pivotal character of the royal family is homosexual.

Benedict Bridgerton’s Sexuality Explained

Benedict Bridgerton from Bridgerton
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In Bridgerton Season 1, several instances made us believe that Benedict Bridgerton is queer. For instance, when the Bridgerton prince witnessed two men getting sexually involved at a party, he couldn’t stop envying them. So, that one occurrence gave birth to several fan theories stating that he is indeed homosexual.

However, in Season 3, Benedict is seen involved with a woman named Lady Tilley Arnold. Later, Tilley introduces him to Paul, her occasional intimate partner. The same day, Benedict catches the duo kissing, and when Tilley and Paul ask him to join them, he rejects the offer and leaves.

Afterward, Benedict meets Tilley, and when she asks him if he’s interested in men, Benedict says that he knows men like Paul, but he hasn’t been tempted by them. So, it clearly states that Benedict isn’t homosexual. But later, we see him going to Paul and Tilley to join them in intimacy. That’s when the audience got skeptical about his sexuality. Well, in the books, nothing has been made clear about Benedict’s sexuality. Hence, it would be safe to say that he is a person who likes exploration.
Now that Penelope and Colin’s story has been wrapped up in the TV Show, we can expect the fourth season to keep Eloise or Benedict in the primary role. If it’s Benedict, we may get to know more about him and his sexuality.

Cressida’s Transition into a Full-Fledged Villain in Bridgerton Season 3

Cressida Cowper from Bridgerton
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Cressida Cowper was never someone who should be admired, but as the series progresses, she becomes a full-fledged villain. When Queen Charlotte announces a reward for the one who would reveal the true identity of Lady Whistledown, she tries taking advantage of the situation. Cressida declares herself the renowned gossip writer when she knew nothing about writing.

However, when she publishes her first column to justify her identity, Penelope discredits her by publishing the latest issue the following day. So, to take what she lost, Cressida somehow finds out about Pen and tries to blackmail her by asking her an amount twice the reward amount that the Queen offered. When Colin pays her a visit seeking mercy for her newly wedded wife, Cressida humiliates him and increases the amount to keep her mouth shut.

Cressida couldn’t succeed in her plans; instead, she has to face the consequences. She has to spend her life with her aunt Joe in Whales. Even though she is gone for a while, we can’t be sure that Cressida won’t return in the fourth season to avenge all the humiliations.

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