Bridgerton Season 3: Who Does Francesca Marry

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 arrived on Netflix on May 16 and being a popular franchise, it has grabbed a lot of attention from the fandom. One of the primary reasons for this is also the societal debut of Francesca, the third daughter of the Bridgerton family. Ruby Stokes portrayed the fictional character from the books in the previous seasons, but this season, Hannah Dodd replaced her. Since the third season focuses on the introverted Bridgerton’s love story, let’s discuss whom Francesca marries.

Spoiler Warning: This post contains spoilers for Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1.

Who Does Francesca Bridgerton Marry

Bridgerton Season 3: Who Does Francesca Marry
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Bridgerton Season 3 introduces us to Francesca, who initially fails to impress the Queen on her debut. She is way too innocent compared to her siblings, which sort of makes her special. She doesn’t get married to anyone in the first part of the new season, but the man she gets married to in the books has already entered the picture.

Yes, we are talking about the handsome suitor John Stirling, who has started making the gorgeous Francesca fall in love with him. However, the first part of Bridegerton Season 3 doesn’t show them tying the knot, but if the show goes by the books, we can certainly hope to see them together in the second part.

It wasn’t until ‘When He Was Wicked’ that Francesca came into the limelight. Unlike the other girls in the family, she never dreamt of her wedding; all she knew was that it was her time for her societal debut. So, neither was she upset nor over-excited. Queen Charlotte takes time to see her eternal beauty, but when she does, she introduces Francesca to an eligible suitor, Lord Samadani. However, Violet Bridgerton always wanted her daughter to end up in a love marriage, so she wasn’t pleased with the Queen’s decision.

After a detailed conversation, Francesca realizes that Lord Samadani thinks way too differently than she does, so she decides not to pursue the relationship further. That’s when John Stirling enters her life. They both start falling for each other and as the story moves forward, we also see them getting married. However, not every love story gets a happy ending, and the same happens with them. After two years of togetherness, John suddenly dies in his sleep, leaving Francesca in sorrow.

During their time together, they stayed close to John’s cousin, Michael Stirling, who developed a crush on Francesca after meeting her for the first time. However, he doesn’t take advantage of Francesca after John’s untimely death. In fact, he doesn’t even meet Francesca for four years after John’s demise. Finally, when he meets her, Michael realizes he hasn’t moved on yet and still has feelings for her. At that time, Francesca also looked forward to remarrying, so she went ahead with Michael and had kids named John and Janet.

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