8 Best Costumes in Bridgerton Season 3 (Ranked)

Bridgerton has received immense popularity amongst the female fandom throughout the years, thanks to the pretty star cast and, of course, the glamorous outfits. Well, what attracts female cinema buffs to any show are the beautiful faces, accessories carried by the fictional characters, and the dresses they wear. The franchise has overwhelmed us by featuring the characters in the most beautiful outfits since Season 1. However, this post talks about the best Bridgerton costumes in Season 3 so far.

8. Penelope’s Floral Gown

Penelope with her sisters and brother-in-laws in Bridgerton Season 3
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Penelope is one of the primary characters of Bridgerton Season 3, so it’s obvious that the costume designers have come up with some amazing designs for her. However, the floral gown she wore while watching Colin after his return from abroad couldn’t impress us that much.

Even though the gown has some vibrant colors, it looks pale in comparison to the other dresses featured in the series. That being said, the yellow-colored gown is studded with floral embroidery, which completely complements Penelope’s hairstyle and not-so-gaudy necklace. Moreover, the flower accessory she wears on her head also complements the floral theme of the flowy outfit.

7. Francesca’s Blue Gown

Francesca and Penelope in Bridgerton Season 3
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Bridegerton Season 3 brings Francesca Bridgerton into the picture as the main lead instead of Daphne. Like her, Francesca is also a beautiful woman for whom her mother looks for a worthy suitor in the latest installment. In the first episode of Season 3, we see Francesca wearing a light blue gown at the first ball, and we can’t resist appreciating its beauty. Light blue shimmery fabric with a pinch of silver prints all over adds to the beauty of the gorgeous woman.

The puff sleeves and square neck design blend perfectly with the outfit. Furthermore, Francesca’s upside-down hairstyle and gold stone necklace complement the gown. It’s no wonder that so many men approach her at the ball.

6. Alice’s Golden Gown

Alice and Lady Danbury from Bridgerton Season 3
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Gold-colored outfits never go out of fashion, be it in recent times or the era in which Bridgerton takes place. In Episode 4, Alice wears a golden gown that grabs the attention of the worldwide female audience. The cut-out sleeves and deep neck design, alongside the high-tied bun, make Alice look even more graceful in the royal outfit.

Lady Danbury talks to Alice about her husband, and when she says that he is still stuck in his past, Lady Danbury asks her to motivate him to focus on his new life. As Alice’s outfit showcases that she is all set to be in the moment, it would be worth seeing how she’ll make her husband do the same.

5. Penelope’s Light Green Gown

Penelope in light green gown in Bridgerton Season 3
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Penelope and Colin’s story in Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 has created a lot of buzz among the fandom, and so does her every outfit in the series. Bridgerton Season 3’s last ball featured her in a light green gown decorated with pretty shimmers all over, and that’s what make the gown look gorgeous.

The Rosy-skinned Featherington princess looks beautiful in every dress she carries, but the green color looks most elegant on her. No wonder Colin couldn’t stop himself from approaching her and letting her know how he started developing romantic feelings for her.

4. Kate’s Blue-Copper Gown

Kate from Bridgerton Season 3
Image Courtesy: IMDb

The beautiful wife of Anthony Bridgerton has a great persona and a pretty smile that makes her look incredible in anything she wears. However, the dress she wears at the first ball of the third season makes her stand out in the crowd of a plethora of gorgeous women. Be it the blue and copper color combination of the gown or the neck and sleeve designs, every detail on the dress is worth every bit of praise.

The character has always looked glamorous since her debut in Bridgerton Season 2, but she was never given an opportunity to look this revealing. So, with a new season, every viewer was mesmerized seeing the magnificent woman in a more appealing avatar than earlier. Furthermore, the chemistry between Anthony and Kate in the new installment is worth calling for.

3. Queen Charlotte’s Blue Gown

Queen Charlotte from Bridgerton Season 3
Image Courtesy: IMDb

The stunner Queen Charlotte is always seen in her best outfits, jewelry, hairstyle, and whatnot. But the most gorgeous outfit she carried was featured in the third season’s fourth episode. Being a royal character, Queen Charlotte is seen wearing the most fancy costumes and jewels. Furthermore, she is also the one who flaunts the most unique hairstyles. At the last ball of Season 3 Part 1, Queen Charlotte wears a blue gown with the fanciest work on it. The stone studded neckpiece contributes highly to the entire beauty of the outfit.

Her unique hairstyle at the time also grabbed a lot of attention and praise, and that’s one of the reasons why the focus of every viewer shifted towards her for a while.

2. Eloise’s Pink Gown

Eloise and Cressida from Bridgerton Season 3
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Eloise and Penelope were friends until the former learned about the latter’s secret identity. So, in the third season, Eloise is mostly seen with Cressida. While the two walk in the park in Season 3’s first episode, Eloise’s soft pink dress blows our minds. It’s a sophisticated dress with a light green coat that makes the beautiful Bridgerton even more classy.

The character isn’t seen wearing any fancy jewelry or out-of-this-world hairstyle, but her natural appearance shines brighter than anyone else present.

1. Penelope’s Dark Green Gown

Penelope in Bridgerton Season 3
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Penelope has always been fantasized by Colin, but she never gets the attention she deserves. So, in Season 3, the Featherington princess decides to get a makeover, and there she stands in a dark green sheer gown in front of a massive crowd. The sheer fabric gets a backup from the metallic underlayer fabric, making Penelope more confident and beautiful. None of her other outfits could get her the attention she received after wearing this dreamy thing. Even Colin couldn’t resist constantly looking at her from a distance.

Penelope mostly wore citrus-colored gowns in the first two seasons of Bridgerton, so seeing her in a totally different color makes us admire her more.

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