These Wireless Headphones from Buoq Double up as Speakers


Have you ever wanted a single device for playing all your music? To be honest, I have. Carrying a speaker, headphones, and wireless earphones might often consume a lot of space in your backpack. Well, not anymore. Meet Buoq Axis, a wireless headphone that can be used as a speaker.

Buoq Axis has a solid build with sides made out of aluminum which means these headphones will hold up well even if you are a rough user. Speaking of build quality, you can turn the earpads 180 degrees inwards or outwards. This twisting mechanism is what helps to toggle between headphone mode and speaker mode.

You might be genuinely concerned about your ears since these have the potential to provide sound output as loud as a speaker. The company promises that their integrated micro amplifier and 40mm drivers could make the transition between headphone and speaker mode seamlessly without any issues.

In terms of connectivity, Buoq Axis comes with support for Bluetooth 5.0 that offers a range up to 15 meters. Buoq claims that the headphone lasts 18 hours on headphone mode and 11 hours on speaker mode. A complete charge takes 2 hours while you get 2 hours of playback time on a 5-minute charge, thanks to fast charging.

I know a lot of smartphone manufacturers are taking away the headphone jack out of their smartphones. But, if you are a headphone jack veteran, Buoq Axis has got you covered. You have the option to choose between wired and wireless modes. This will certainly come in handy in case you forget to charge your headphones.

The earpads are magnetic which makes earpad replacements much simple and hassle-free. This will also enable you to choose the earpad you need based on your outfit, mood, or your fashion style. Also, the Buoq Axis comes with a light hard case, making them compact to fit your backpacks.

The only two downsides I noticed on the Buoq Axis is the lack of USB C port and Active Noise Cancellation. Buoq justifies the omission of USB C port saying they’re costly while they claim battery life and health concerns for omitting ANC.

The project is live on Kickstarter and you can get BUOQ Axis for €79 (around Rs.6,200) without the hard case. If you need the hard case, you will have to pay €89 (around Rs.7,000). You can get extra magnetic earpads along with Buoq Axis for €95 (around Rs.7,500). There are a couple more purchase options which you can check out here. If you order Buoq Axis now, you will get your headphone as early as October this year.

So, what do you think of Buoq Axis? Let us know in the comments.

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