Borosil Suraksha UV Disinfection Box Launched in India for Rs 9,999

Borosil Suraksha website
Image Courtesy: Borosil

Indian consumer brand, Borosil, has  launched a UV-C disinfection device called ‘Suraksha’ (Hindi for ‘security’). According to the company, it destroys up to 99.9% germs and other pathogens present on the surfaces with ultraviolet–C light.

The device comes with a capacity of 22 liters, and can disinfect groceries, vegetables and objects of daily use. It can effectively sterilize objects like mobile phones, masks, medical equipment, wallets, currency notes, watches and more. The device is also very easy to operate and portable enough to be placed on any tabletop or kitchen countertop, said the company in its press release.

Explaining the technology behind the device, Borosil said: “The UV-C light produces electromagnetic energy and impacts the DNA of microorganisms like viruses which destroys their ability to reproduce and thus makes them inactive”.

Highlighting the safety features of the product, Borosil said that it comes with a leakage-proof design that keeps the UV-C rays safely within the chamber. “The unit shuts off automatically on opening, thus further reducing the chances of exposure to human body. Research has proven that exposure to UV-C light has a positive impact on fruits, vegetables, and other food products”, the company said.

The Borosil Suraksha disinfecting box carries an MRP of Rs. 11,990, but is available for pre-order on the official Borosil website for Rs. 9,999. It’s not immediately clear if it will also be available for purchase via regular online and offline channels. It is worth noting that many such products are already available in the market with lower price-tags. So it will be interesting to see how it will perform going forward.

Featured Image Courtesy: Borosil

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