10 Best Steam Next Fest Games You Should Try

At this point, anyone who follows what I write knows my obsession with Steam Next Fest. And like every year, Valve has returned with another one for June 2024. This month’s Steam Next Fest brings together a lot of game demos for everyone to enjoy. While I’d love to mention tons of them, I decided to highlight ten of my favorites for this list. So, whether you love action games or some city building, I’ve got most bases covered. Let’s take a look through them shall we?

You have until June 17, 2024, 10 AM PST to try out these demos. So, that is one whole week to enjoy every demo mentioned here. Let’s look at my 10 favorite Steam Next Fest Demo from June 2024.

1. Conscript

Conscript Demo Steam Next Fest June 2024
Image Courtesy: Team17/Conscript

My first choice of demo from the Steam Next Fest June 2024 is one game I’ve been waiting for a long time. Conscript is a survival game taking place during World War 1. You play as a lone soldier, who should navigate through trenches, scavenge for supplies, and solve puzzles. Conscript lets the horror of the war amp up tension. It is a must-try demo in this Steam Next Fest, and one you’ll love if survival games are your jam.

2. Metal Slug Tactics

Metal Slug Tactics Demo Steam Next Fest June 2024
Image Courtesy: DotEmu/Metal Slug Tactics

Years ago, the world got its first look at Metal Slug Tactics, a brand-new tactical entry in the beloved SNK franchise. It ditched the run-and-gun shooting the series is known for and embraced the tactical gameplay. However, after missing its 2023 release window, it quickly fell off the radar until last week.

Now, Metal Slug Tactics is back, eyeing for a Fall 2024 release date. And it doesn’t end there, as they’ve also brought themselves a brand-new demo for Steam Next Fest. It comes packed with beautiful art Gamera Games and Dotemu is known for, and it has put a smile on my face.

3. The Operator

The Operator
Image Courtesy: Bureau 81/The Operator

I love playing video games about controlling a computer inside a computer. The Operator demo is that and then some in a very good way. In it, you play as an FDI operator, where you assist field agents with necessary details to prevent crimes. Use the FDI software to decipher clues, find evidence, and prevent crimes from happening. The FDI software feels almost life-like in the demo, with few gamified features. So, try the Operator demo if you want to live your detective analyst dreams.

4. I Am Your Beast

I Am Your Beast Steam Next Fest 2024 June Demo
Image Courtesy: Strange Scaffold/I Am Your Beast

After the hit game El Paso Elsewhere, Strange Scaffold returned with another impressive game named I Am Your Beast. In it, you play a retired secret agent Harding, who is called back for one last job. After declining to do the job, Harding now gets hunted by the Covert Operations Initiative. So, you take the matter into your own hands and prevent them from hurting you, by becoming the hunter.

You slide, kick, and throw knives, killing COI operatives standing in their way. And, their weapon is your weapon for taking, allowing for some impressive skill shots in the process. This is one fast-paced FPS I’ve played in recent years, oozing out style while being a cool game. Possibly one of my favorite demos from the Steam Next Fest in June 2024.

5. G.I. Joe: Wrath of the Cobra

GIJOE Demo from Steam Next Fest June 2024
Image Courtesy: Indie.io/GI Joe Wrath of Cobra

I think I have to give an additional description of what this game is about. G.I. Joe: Wrath of the Cobra is a retro beat-em-up, following the popular military unit from the hit Sunday cartoon show and action figure. You fight the Cobra Commander and his army as some of the classic G.I. Joe Heroes, like Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Roadblock, etc. And, each of them comes with a unique mindset. The highlight for me in this game is its impressive pixel art style, looking gorgeous.

6. The Crush House

The Crush House Steam Next Fest 2024 June Demo
Image Courtesy: Nerial/The Crush House

Nerial is one of those studios I can always trust to create some of the funniest games. After creating Card Shark, they are back with The Crush House. You play as a producer of a 1999 fictional reality TV show named The Crush House. Inspired by shows like Big Brother, the goal is simple – keep your audience happy by fulfilling their thirst.

So, if they have some requests, fulfill them while occasionally putting in ads to make money. Once again, Nerial subverts my expectations on game ideas, providing another of my favorite demos from the Steam Next Fest in June 2024.

7. Debtor’s Club

Debtor's Club Steam Next Fest Demo
Image Courtesy: indie.io/Debtor’s Club

A narrative-resource management hybrid, Debtor’s Club puts you in the duties of tax collection for a shady city hall. The goal is simple – talk with debtors, set up a team, and ensure the tax comes through by any means. As you progress through the game, you’ll discover the shady workings of your department, while juggling through some tough decisions. The Steam Next Fest demo gives a solid taste of things to come and has got me excited.

8. Mirthwood

Image Courtesy: V Publishing/Mirthwood

Farming games are always a fun affair on Steam, and Mirthwood plans to let farming fans enjoy yet another game in the genre. An RPG life sim, Mirthwood puts you in a medieval fantasy setting, where you choose your destiny, becoming what you want to be. There are no set goals, and the gameplay is pretty emergent in some senses. So, if you like taking matters into your hands, and getting things done at your pace, Mirthwood is a perfect game to try out.

9. Republic of Pirates

Republic of Pirates Steam Next Fest Demo
Image Courtesy: PQube/Republic of Pirates

It ain’t a Steam Next Fest list if I don’t mention a city builder. For June, I present Republic of Pirates, a city builder management game where you create a Pirate utopia during the Golden Age of Piracy. Pretty simple enough, as if you’ve played any city management game, you’ve seen most of the system available here. Of course, they have their quirks, and the demo gives a good idea of what to expect. And yes, there are pirate ship battles.

10. Uncover The Smoking Gun

uncover the smoking gun
Image Courtesy: ReLU Games/Uncover The Smoking Gun

The final game on this list is Uncover the Smoking Gun, a mystery detective game where you solve a murder case. It is pretty immersive, where you type in your queries and questions to the suspect, collect evidence, and piece together a logical conclusion to the mystery. A solid puzzle-detective game that mesmerized me through its demo.

And these are ten Steam Next Fest demos that caught my attention for the June 2024 edition. Of course, these are only ten of the hundreds of demos available at the event. So, let me know your favorite Steam Next Fest demo in the comments below.

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