Unless you just woke up from a really long cryosleep, you’re probably aware of Reddit. Undeniably one of the most popular and interesting websites on the Internet, Reddit is your one stop shop for finding the latest on, well, just about everything you can think of. However, even with this popularity, Reddit’s mobile website isn’t exactly the best out there, and makes catching up with your favorite stories, while on the go a chore. Granted, there’s an official app for iOS, with an Android variant coming soon, but the situation isn’t really that good, at least for now!

But not to worry, as there are many great (third-party) Reddit apps available across all major mobile platforms, that you can use. Can’t wait? Here’s a listing of the 10 best Reddit apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

Best Reddit Apps for iPhone

1. Alien Blue

alien blue

Without a doubt the most popular Reddit client for iOS, Alien Blue used to be a third party app, until it was acquired by Reddit and relaunched as the official app. You can view posts either via the default “front page” section, or switch to view your subscribed subreddits, as well as discover random subreddits. Images and videos can be previewed right within the app, and the integrated “Readability” reader lets you read shared articles in a distraction free view. Standard actions like saving articles, marking as spam, commenting, as well as upvote/downvoting are all there, and Alien Blue automatically displays standard/compressed versions of media based on connection speed. When posting images, you can directly upload them to Imgur.

Upgrading to the PRO version of the app (for $1.99) unlocks even more features, such as the ability to use multiple Reddit accounts, and password protection.


2. Narwhal


One of the most intuitive iOS Reddit apps out there, Narwhal is feature loaded, yet easy to use. The posts can be viewed in two (list and image) modes, and standard options like sorting order, subscribe/unsubscribe to subreddits etc. are easily accessible via the header bar. Media preview is built-in, with everything regular, from sharing/adding posts to adding/sorting comments being there as well. However, what really gives Narwhal the edge is its support for gestures, which can be used to quickly apply actions like upvote/downvote comments, as well as save/hide posts with a simple swipe. As of the latest tested version (2.0), the app lets you granularly filter search results, and also includes auto-play support for GIFs.

However, Narwhal doesn’t have multi-account capability, so that’s a bit of a downer. And if the ads bother you, they can be removed by paying $2.99, and upgrading Narwhal to the pro version.


3. Bacon Reader

bacon reader

Bacon Reader is a fairly solid Reddit client for iPhone, and as such, as far as standard features (e.g. exploring subreddits, upvoting/downvoting comments, hiding posts) are concerned, it ticks all the correct boxes. However, Bacon Reader’s standout feature is its built-in powerful image editor, which lets you modify images in numerous ways, before sharing them on Reddit. You can use it to draw on images, apply filters, and even meme-ify them, straight from the app. This makes BaconReader perfect for the Redditors who primarily use it to share images. Other features include domain and subreddit based filters, multireddit creation, and the ability to use multiple Reddit accounts.

That being said, the ads in Bacon Reader’s free version are a bit on the annoying side, but can be easily removed by paying $1.99.




It might not be the greatest looking app out there, but AMRC more than makes up for it with its robust feature set. The app displays the posts in an endlessly loading fashion, and has preview support for everything from images/GIFs to YouTube videos. In addition to the standard features, AMRC includes things like the ability to limit cellular data downloads to conserve bandwidth, as well as integration with many “read later” services like Pocket, Readability, and Instapaper. Apart from that, there are configurable filters, and support for using multiple Reddit accounts as well.

However, AMRC isn’t without its downsides, and requires an upgrade to the PRO version ($2.99) for even basic features like submitting new posts and search functionality.


Best Reddit Apps for Android

5. Reddit Is Fun

reddit is fun

If you’re looking for a simple yet capable Reddit client for Android, Reddit Is Fun is just what you need. Just like the previously discussed AMRC, it loads up the posts in an endlessly loading list. Standard post options (e.g. save, share, add comments) are accessible with a simple tap, and so are the upvote/downvote buttons. The app can prefetch post thumbnails and images only on Wi-Fi, thus helping conserve cellular data. In addition to that, you can filter posts on the basis of parameters like title, subreddit, and URLReddit Is Fun works with multiple Reddit accounts, and even includes a dual-pane (portrait & landscape) mode which makes it suitable for using on large screen Android devices.

Reddit Is Fun is ad-supported, but the same can be removed by shelling out $1.76, and upgrading to the pro version.


6. Bacon Reader

bacon reader

As with the iOS version (discussed before in the article), the Android variant of Bacon Reader is also a pretty well-rounded Reddit client. As such, the app’s feature set is nearly identical to its iOS counterpart. You can use multiple Reddit accounts, and search and follow subreddits easily. There’s also the built-in image editor, which can be used to apply filters to images, draw on them, and meme-ify them before you share them on Reddit. Posts can be filtered based on subreddits and keywords, and media preview for images, videos etc. is there as well.

The ads can be removed by upgrading the app for $1.99.


7. Now For Reddit

now for reddit

Now For Reddit includes all the features you’d expect from a Reddit client, and then some more. The app lists the posts in a card like interface (much like Google Now) and includes preview support for everything from GIFs/GIFVs, to YouTube videos. Browsing/subscribing to subreddits is easy, and multiple Reddit account support is there too. But one of the highlights of Now For Reddit is Reddit TV feature, which lets you watch trending videos (based on topics like sports, games) right in the app. Apart from that, there’s a powerful text-editor with numerous formatting options (e.g. insert lists) for submitting textual posts and comments, and your read posts are synced between desktop and mobile devices as well.

The ads in the free version of Now For Reddit can be removed by paying $2.99.


8. Reddit Offline

reddit offline

It’s not exactly bursting with a thousand features, but Reddit Offline does exactly what it says on the tin. The core highlight of Reddit Offline is that it lets you browse the posts from Reddit, even when there’s no network connectivity. In fact, apart from this, the app doesn’t exactly has any feature(s) that you’d expect from a Reddit client. You can also specify detailed time-slots for automatic downloading of Reddit posts on a schedule. Other than that, it can prefetch pictures, and auto-clear old cache. In essence, Reddit Offline is more of a Reddit downloader, perfect for Reddit junkies with unreliable network connections. Then there’s the fact that the app is free, and has (and will always have) no ads.


Best Reddit Apps for Windows Phone

9. Readit


Arguably one of the best designed Reddit clients for Windows Phone, Readit makes keeping up with the trending Reddit stories a cakewalk. The app includes built-in Imgur integration for native album viewing, and lets you preview YouTube videos as GIFs as well. Standard options such as upvote/downvote, searching and subscribing subreddits are easily accessible, and you can configure image/video download quality for saving on data. Not only that, Readit makes full use of Windows Phone’s amazing tiled UI, letting you pin individual subreddits to the Start Screen for quicker accessOh, and multiple Reddit accounts are supported as well.

Although the app is free, you have to pay $3.99 to get rid of the ads.


10. Baconit


Having a truckload of features, Baconit is one of the better Reddit apps for Windows Phone. The app presents the stories in an easy to read format, complete with upvote/downvote buttons and multiple sorting options. The smart (search) bar lets you find posts, subreddits etc. matching specific search terms in seconds. You can search and subscribe to subreddits, and also use multiple Reddit accounts. Other than that, there’s also real-time markdown support for formatting comments. And of course, you can pin subreddits and posts to the Start Screen too.

Baconit is free and open-source, although you can (optionally) buy the $1.99 donation version to support the developer.


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Plenty of ways to access Reddit on the move!

Given the less than perfect experience that Reddit’s mobile website offers, having a robust mobile app is a must if you intend to keep up with your favorite subreddits while on the go. And as seen above, there are many of them that you can use to get your daily fill of Reddit, no matter what mobile platform(s) you use. Take them for a spin, and shout out your favorites in the comments below.

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