15 Best Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft is a game made for exploration. From its deep caves to the highest peaks, its worlds invite and celebrate explorers. But unless you are trying out the nomad lifestyle or speedrunning seeds, you can not keep roaming around. Whether to store goods or test your building skills, you need a house in Minecraft. But what should that house look like and how large it should be. Over the decade, the players have impressed the community with lavish mansions, secret bases, character tributes, and a lot more in their house designs. Picking some of the best Minecraft house ideas from such creators, we have all the options you need to build your unique Minecraft house. You can either use the same ideas or take inspiration from our list to build your Minecraft house. With that said, let’s not waste time and check out the best Minecraft house ideas that you can use.

Best Minecraft House Ideas (2022)

More or less, the design of a house in Minecraft depends upon personal preference. However, our selection is based on the practicality, uniqueness, and overall fun value a house might bring to your world. Not every house can be made within a few minutes, but each of them will be worth the time you spend. Moreover, irrespective of which house you build, you can speed up the process by using some of the best Minecraft mods. When combined with Optifine for Minecraft, these mods can make your house-building experience smoother than ever.

Why Do You Need a House in Minecraft?

Other than making your worlds look better, Minecraft houses are also a great place to store items and better manage your inventory. Acting as a safe house, you can use it to avoid mobs and store thousands of blocks with the right system. And if you are an experienced player, you can even create some amazing automatic farms around your house. They are also a great way to collect free loots.

As an added bonus, you can even use the house to populate the traditionally empty Minecraft Biomes such as savanna and badlands. Many players create a full-fledged base instead of a regular house, complete with villagers with assigned jobs. Such bases are only useful with the presence of useful villagers in them. While creating a house, you can use one of our best Minecraft village seeds to make populating your villages an easier task.

Different Types of Minecraft Houses

Officially, there is are no specific types of houses in Minecraft, as they are constructed by the players only and can vary drastically based on their preferences. And if we listen to the fandom, there are too many types of houses to keep a record of. So, to keep things simple, we are only classifying the houses based on the difficulty of their construction:

  • Basic: Easy to build houses that can be made within an hour. These house ideas do not require any unique blocks or much planning. They are great to make on the move and in sticky situations, where you need quick shelter. You can make several of these throughout your world.
  • Casual: Stepping towards houses that require a little bit of planning, these aren’t big on looks but definitely smart in strategy. A few of the blocks used in these might take some time to find. They can be great if you plan to make multiple bases or just want some diversity in general. Keep in mind that you might have to spend some time researching the perfect locations for some of these.
  • Serious: We recommend you cheat a little and make the “serious” houses in creative game mode. These houses will require several blocks, including rare ones and a lot of dedicated time. Nevertheless, the end result is always something that makes you feel proud.

We have marked each of the best Minecraft House ideas with a type to give you an idea of what to expect while constructing. With that out of the way, let’s jump right into our first Minecraft house design on this list.

1. Beginner House

House Type: Basic

First up, we have a simple wood and dirt-based house. You will find the blocks to make it at almost any spawn location. It can be built within 5 minutes and will be as effective as a mansion while protecting you. The best part about this house is that you can make it anywhere and in any style. The main purpose of a beginner house is to protect you from mobs spawning at night and nothing else. Many pro players use such simple houses as their main bases during speedruns.

Basic Minecraft House

Above is one of the most basic house-plan you can easily survive in. It barely looks like a house but is safe enough to not have you get killed by the mobs. You can always throw in glass, carpet, and stone to add an extra touch of elegance to it. So make sure that you have at least 6-8 blocks empty inside it to place a bed and a chest.

2. Farmhouse

House Type: Basic

Don’t get fooled by this house’s overwhelming name. Farmhouses, until you go overboard, are easy to make. You will need to spend some extra time collecting blocks in comparison to a beginner house. The main purpose of the farmhouse, as you might have guessed, is farming. Usually, players make several farms, some even automated, to farm different items. If you combine it with a bed and a chest, you will have a house with an unlimited food supply.

You can check out the Youtuber SheepGG’s tutorial for the simplest method to make it. The house doesn’t have to be as complex or good-looking. But as they are only using common blocks, you can definitely go for something similar. An additional tip is to get a farmer to take care of your crops while you are away. Now, don’t rat us out but stealing a villager’s house can also give similar results with fewer steps.

3. Underground Base

House Type: Casual

Moving in the same line of functionality, we have the underground bases. Yes, you will need a few tools to make them. But they also require almost no blocks during construction. All the stones and soil in the ground are enough to give you protection. Just set yourself a ladder and a trapdoor and start digging to make your home. These houses are best for mining adventures. While exploring, you can respawn close to where you die and make sure you lose little to no items.

As seen in the screenshot above, you can also make doors to your mining locations in this house. It is just an extra layer of protection from the underground mobs. The only problem that you might encounter while making such bases is lava. One wrong block can destroy all your items so please practice caution.

4. Treehouse

House Type: Casual

One of the most famous houses ideas is the Minecraft treehouses. Since it’s Minecraft, there can be an unlimited number of ways to make one. All that makes a house into a treehouse is the use of wood, forest location, and tree theme. Some players take it to the next level by creating it hidden in trees. If you are playing PVP with your friends, treehouses can be a great hiding spot in forest biomes.

The above screenshot comes from an easy-to-follow tutorial by the YouTuber Lex The Builder. Since the treehouses are usually elevated, you get an additional layer of protection from ground mobs. Among the common mobs, only the creeper can harm you from the outside. Treehouses ensure that you don’t get damage from any gound level threat, including explosives. If the functionality isn’t enough, treehouses are still a nostalgic delight to look at.

5. Floating House

House Type: Casual

Still staying a few blocks above the ground, we have the evergreen floating Minecraft houses. It’s for you to decide if you want your house to float in the air or on water. Both are a great way to avoid mobs while looking cool. For either of them, you need to create a base to build your house upon. Once your house is ready, you can break the base to get yourself a floating structure.

Unlike other houses, you will need to set up a special way of teleportation in Minecraft to reach it. For water, it can be boats, and for air, it can be a really long ladder. Another common practice in such houses is building in-house farms to avoid going out whenever there’s a food shortage. If you have enough resources, you can make it fun by creating a whole network of floating houses. Now, if you are wondering how to construct it, this tutorial by Youtuber Smithers Boss has you covered with an easy and good-looking floating house.

6. Modern House

House Type: Serious

Giving a nod to the materialistic world, this house is all about presentation. From the classy exterior to the exotic interior, you might get real-life house goals from it. Modern houses in Minecraft also have as much diversity as our list of best Minecraft house ideas. But what you will see most commonly are the white villa-style houses. Yes, you will need a lot of items to make them, but the final result is definitely worth it.

If the first impressions of the modern houses feel a bit staggering, that’s because it was the intention. Almost every Minecraft YouTuber has their own version of a modular house, and we think the one by Akila Gaming is helpful for most people. You will see a few repeated themes with painting, plants, and glass in almost every such house design. The best way to make them is to do it in creative game mode. Or you can spend hours, if not days collecting all the items you will need.

7. Theme Based Houses

House Type: Serious/Casual

The level of difficulty in theme-based houses depends upon what you are trying to make. If you consider making a pumpkin house, it will be easy as long as you have pumpkins around. As for constructing something like Shield’s Hellicarrier house, things can get a bit complicated. There are no limitations to what a theme-based Minecraft house can have. The only priority is to stick to the theme and make sure you like what you are making.

One of the popular options is the tutorial for the Ironman’s Stark tower by Youtuber TSMC, but there are countless other ideas too. You can find a Minecraft structure from almost any franchise that you love. Most of these structures will be on the harder side of construction. So, it will make more sense to make them in Minecraft Multiplayer with your friends.

8. Beach House

House Type: Basic/ Casual

Moving to the easier side of things, we have the beach house. Many of us might already hold a dream of owning a sea-facing home someday. Minecraft lets you realize that dream. Using this design, you will get a good view of the ocean as well as a ton of benefits. A beachside house means easier fishing and boating options. You also get some additional mob protection because of water. And there are added benefits of easily irrigated farms with so much water around you.

You can keep it as simple or stylish as your want. One of the most popular beach houses in the community was built by Youtuber Keralis in their easy-to-follow tutorial. What you get is not too complex but is also modern and good-looking to be termed impressive. To top it off, like actual beach houses, you can add connected pools too. There’s plenty of fish in Minecraft oceans to keep you entertained.

9. Forest House

House Type: Casual

It might seem similar to a treehouse at first, but a forest house is very different. Whether you call it a Jungle house or a forest house, they are rather definitive. Players deceptively make them, so they are harder to spot from far away. But once you are near them, their unique look is hard to miss. You can see a variety of jungle houses depending upon the different forest biomes you are be building it in.

These houses are usually built with a farm inside them. Since there’s a lot of wood around us, chest rooms are going to be an obvious creation in such houses. These houses are so popular because Minecraft forests are a resource hub. You can mine directly under them and collect food, alongwith other unminable items from the area around your house. As for the blueprint, Youtuber Reimiho has a simple and effective tutorial that you can use.

10. Kingdom

House Type: Serious

Our next entry to the list of best Minecraft house ideas is an epic one. Minecraft kingdoms are usually a collection of dozens of structures. They include farms, Redstone systems, and a lot of mini villages. These can look however you want them to look. But do keep in mind that you will need to keep aside a lot of time to make one.

There’s no particular tutorial for how to make a perfect Kingdom. Usually, players depend upon a combination of tutorials to make their dreamland in such scenarios. What you see above is the most popular kingdom-style base, and it was developed by the biggest Youtuber PewDiePie. He hasn’t created a tutorial for the same, but you can definitely take inspiration from his creation.

11. Japanese House

House Type: Casual

Pewdiepie’s base has multiple reflections of the Japanese culture. But there’s a lot more than an Anime fan or even a general Japanese culture appreciator can get in Minecraft. With the traditional curved roofs and classical hanging lamps, these houses are hard to miss.

The tutorial by Youtuber BlueBits covers everything you need for a Japanese house in Minecraft. Adding additional details like cherry blossom and a bamboo tree can make you feel right in Japan. One of the best things about these houses is that they don’t require many unique items to make. But time and dedication are still not optional.

12. Space Base

House Type: Serious

While the conversations around space travel are ever-growing, this house is inevitable in our real world. A futuristic space base style house would take forever to build. But at the same time, it will be a great effort-worthy glimpse into the future. The step-by-step guide by Youtuber AdieCraft provides a detailed route for promising results.

We might not get a mars base anytime soon, but a Minecraft space base is waiting to be created by you. Follow the same theme to create a whole village and even a city around the base. Some players might even use elements from the Star Wars franchise, including cool skins in Minecraft, to add a certain depth to such space builds.

13. Underwater Minecraft Base

House Type: Casual/ Serious

If you aren’t planning to go too fancy, an underwater house is easy to build. All you need is a way to keep the water out of your house while making an entry point. However, you can take it up a notch by creating functional farms and even Redstone machinery in it. Just keep your walls extra sealed to avoid leakage. However, you also take it to the next level using the detailed tutorial by Youtuber IrieGenie.

Because of slower speed and floating blocks, underwater bases are hard to build. One thing you must make sure of is to have enough light sources. As you move deeper into the ocean, light struggles to reach you in Minecraft. Fortunately, that is where the Potion of Night Vision can help you out.

14. A House in Nether

House Type: Serious

Practically, you can’t have a house in the Nether. Even if you do, it can not act as a spawn point because beds explode in the Nether when you try sleeping. Still, keeping a bed next to the Nether portal, you can make a base in Nether. Such a base saves you from accidental deaths. It also avoids time wastage that you will face while collecting items and taking them back to the regular world.

A major difference that players face in a nether base is the mobs. If your base is large enough, you might have mobs spawning inside. There’s also a risk of Ghasts noticing you and harming you within your walls. A good way to avoid disasters is to make multiple exit nether portals with a bed and chest next to them on the other end. As for the building plan, you can refer to the easy-to-follow tutorial by Youtuber Reimiho.

15. Moving House

House Type: Serious

To sum up our list of the best Minecraft house ideas, we have this seemingly impossible invention. It’s possibly the toughest idea on our list, and our personal attempt to build it took a lot of patience. We recommend you study Redstone mechanisms a little before actually starting this build.

This only reliable tutorial for such a house comes from the famous Youtuber Mumbo Jumbo. The house itself is simple, but the mechanism to make it move isn’t easy in any sense. Once you make it happen, you can slowly and carefully expand it even further. Practically, due to its limited speed, this house has no real purpose. But it’s still a great example of Minecraft’s epic capabilities.

Discover your Best Minecraft House Ideas

Now that you have some of the best Minecraft house ideas the next step is finding a location to build them. Lucky for you, we have already collected the best Minecraft base and city seeds that you can use. These seeds will provide you with some of the most unique locations, open ground, and hidden spots for your Minecraft house. Though, these seeds only work with the version before the Minecraft 1.18 update. If you want to build bases in the new terrain generations, you can use one of our best Minecraft mountain seeds. With that said, we will leave you to go about collecting all the resources for your new house. But do tell us which of these Minecraft house ideas you plan on building in the comments section!

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