6 Exciting Galaxy AI Features on Samsung’s S24 Series

In Short
  • The New Samsung Galaxy S24 series is being termed as "AI phones" that bring a lot of AI features to the table.
  • Galaxy AI includes a live translation feature, which translates calls for you in real-time to make communication easier.
  • There is also the Circle to Search feature, which allows you to use the S Pen to circle out any object in an image, video, or text and get details from the web.

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event was held today, and it finally took the wraps off the Galaxy S24 series of flagship smartphones. These “AI phones,” as Samsung is calling them, pack several AI features to make use of. From offering the ability to translate calls in real-time to an AI-backed Note Assist, a lot has been unveiled. Here, we have listed some of the best Galaxy AI features you will find on the new Galaxy s24 Series. With that being said, let’s jump right in!

1. Live Translation & Interpreter

We live in a global urban village and technology has had a major hand at bridging the gap between those living in it. Why are we talking about it? Because the latest Galaxy AI Live Translation feature is an amazing example of this. You no longer have to worry about speaking to someone who doesn’t speak your language or vice versa anymore. Moreover, all of it happens within the Samsung Phone app itself, so you won’t have to open another app for the same.

Live Translation Galaxy AI

Unlike the Bixby Text Call feature that converts voice to text, this feature goes all out and translates your caller’s words in real-time. This allows both you and the person on the other side of the call to have an uninterrupted calling experience. Just speak in your respective native languages and see the magic happen.

With this feature, language is one wall you will never hit. Moreover, the Live Translate feature also offers support for 13 languages at launch. There is also an in-built interpreter which allows you to instantly translate and make communicating even easier.

So, when it comes to the best Galaxy AI features, this is definitely one that comes at the very top without even trying too hard!

2. Circle to Search with Google

When browsing the web, we often come across multiple things that we wish we had. It is probably an overcoat that a model is wearing or a bag that you see a tourist carrying in a travel blog. But, the first step to owning them is knowing what to search for. And that is always a hassle.

With the new “Circle to Search” feature, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Just circle, scribble, or tap to pinpoint an object on any video, image, or text on your screen using your Galaxy S24 series phone to search for it via Google. This allows you to get similar options on the internet, thereby satisfying your curiosity right away!

Moreover, while you are at it, you can instantly ask Google questions relating to the product and it will give you results for the same. When it comes to texts, you can also mark texts and Google instantly uncovers results for that particular text. For example, let’s say a friend of yours is into a specific dish and texts you about the same. Sadly, you’ve never heard of it, but can instantly mark it and Google will satiate your curiosity instantly. Insanely convenient, right?

3. AI Note & Transcript Assist

Whether you are in a class taking running notes or just drafting the minutes of a meeting, it can get pretty clustered. It is only when you take a look back at your notes that you realize none of it makes any sense. That is where the new Galaxy AI Note Assist feature comes in to save the day for you.

You can simply ask the Note Assist to summarize those notes for you. Then, to make it all even cleaner and more organized, ask the tool to format your notes. You can format them in multiple styles as well. If you have handwritten it with the S Pen, just align your handwriting. Yes, that’s possible too now.

What’s more, got a client that does not understand English or the language that you penned your notes down in? Translate your notes to ensure everyone is on the same page as you, quite literally.

As Samsung states, “note smarter, not harder,” and I do agree. This tool does what it’s supposed to and takes you from “information overload to epic summary, just like that.”

Samsung has collaborated with Google, using their Gemini Nano model to bring an AI Transcript Assist feature. With this feature, you will be able to transcript meetings in real-time using the native voice recorder app. This allows you to get a quick recap of meetings instantly.

Hands down, one of our favorite Galaxy AI features.

4. AI Nightography Zoom

As the name tells, the AI Nightography Zoom feature will allow you to capture significantly clearer nighttime photos, even when you zoom in to capture the details. This is a huge step forward in the world of mobile photography and videography, as nighttime photos are the most challenging to capture. You can take a look at the samples Samsung showed during the event.

They gave the example of a dark concert hall and how they could zoom in when capturing a video and not lose out on much quality at all. AI working with the new ProVisual engine is what makes it possible. Take a look:

Yeonjun from TXT | Image Courtesy: Samsung

The AI-powered camera enhances photos too, allowing you to capture details like this:

On top of that, zooming in is never a good idea at night because of the kind of noise it creates in your photos, further reducing the clarity of your pictures. However, with this feature, Samsung seems to have combated this issue directly, thanks to AI’s intervention coupled with a superior 50-megapixel telephoto sensor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This allows you to use up to 100x digital zoom and still not lose out on quality much.

5. AI-backed Samsung Keyboard

Ever since Gboard came out in 2016, I doubt anyone’s stopped using it. I for one haven’t. However, the new Samsung Keyboard app is stacked with AI features and Samsung users may soon shift from Gboard for this. Using the Samsung Keyboard, you can now instantly translate messages in 13 different languages in real-time.

Additionally, the newly designed keyboard also pulls off the role of a typing assistant, thanks to its AI tone detection feature. Using this feature, the keyboard automatically detects the “tone” of your writing. Once it detects your tone, you can use the feature to convert the tone of your sentences to a different one. There is also a Shakespearean tone to make use of if you are feeling particularly elegant.

Moreover, there will be five distinct tones to choose from. For example, let’s say you are typing a message with a professional tone, and want it to come off as casual instead, you can simply use the tone detection feature right from the keyboard to do so.

6. AI Photo Editor

Back in 2021, Google rolled out its Pixel 6 series with the “Magic Eraser” feature. This allows you to remove unwanted objects from an image. Now, the Galaxy S24 series brings a magic eraser-like tool to the table, allowing you to do something similar. Yes, you can remove objects with this tool. But, it doesn’t end there. You can also alter the positioning of these objects and move them to other places in the particular image.

In addition, there is also “Generative Edit” that uses Generative AI to fill in the empty spaces in an image to make it look complete. Also, like Samsung Notes, this feature requires a Samsung account and an active internet connection to work as intended.

Moreover, to add an additional layer of security suggesting that an image was AI-edited, every such image will have the Galaxy AI logo at the bottom corner alongside the meta data being labelled. The fun part? You can also create stickers out of your images instantly and share them with your circle!

You also get to see suggested edits when in the gallery viewing your images. Using these edits, you can instantly enhance an image, thanks to the ProVisual engine and AI joining hands.

One can only guess that the brand is going to soon roll out more AI image editing tools like the Best Take feature, which I tested out last year and was quite taken aback by how well it worked.

What do you think of these new Galaxy AI features and which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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