10 Best Fitbit Alta HR Bands You Can Buy

Fitbit recently launched the newest edition of its widely loved fitness tracker, called the Fitbit Alta HR. This is basically exactly the same as its older brother, but adds a heart rate scanner to the mix, allowing you to keep a track of your heart rate while doing cardio, or just any other activity you may want to track your heart rate for. Fitbit obviously sells these with a strap attached, however, you can buy replacement Fitbit bands easily, and completely change the look of your fitness tracker. Plus, bands for Fitbit Alta will also work with Fitbit Alta HR. So, if you’re looking for replacement bands for your Fitbit, here are the 10 best Fitbit Alta HR bands you can buy:

1. Fitbit Alta HR Classic Band

This official band from Fitbit is called the “Classic Band” for a reason. The band is made from a flexible, durable material and includes an aluminium buckle. It also happens to be water resistant, and can definitely take some splashes on itself. However, don’t submerge it into water. The classic band has been designed specifically to enhance the heart rate tracking of the Alta HR. The band is definitely great, and if you’re looking for a high quality, low profile band that works perfectly with your Fitbit, look no further.

10 Best Fitbit Alta HR Bands You Can Buy

Buy from Fitbit: ($29.95)

2. Fitbit Alta HR Leather Band

If class is what you’re after, the official leather band from Fitbit should serve you just fine. The band is made out of soft, genuine leather, and includes an aluminium buckle. Since the band is made out of leather, it’s not sweat or water resistant, and Fitbit recommends that you don’t use this band for intense workouts, which kind of makes it useless unless you’re just using the Fitbit Alta HR for everyday fitness routines like morning walks.

Buy from Fitbit: ($59.95)

3. Swees Milanese Fitbit Alta HR Stainless Steel Band

One of the really good looking third party bands for the Fitbit Alta HR is made by Swees. The band is made completely out of metal, with a stainless steel mesh, and a magnetic clasp design. It looks fashionable, is comfortable on the wrist, and is also extremely durable. The band size can be freely adjusted thanks to the strong magnetic grip of the clasp, which is also easy to install and remove. The Milanese Stainless Steel Band is available in 8 different colors on Amazon, so you can choose the one that goes with your sense of style.

Buy from Amazon: ($10.99)

4. BeneStellar Silicone Band [3 Pack]

If you like changing your Fitbit’s bands often, you should definitely check out this pack of 3 bands from BeneStellar. The bands are made out of silicone, and are comfortable and durable. The BeneStellar silicone bands are sweat and water resistant, so you can easily wear your Fitbit Alta HR through intense workout sessions. There are three different packs available with different colour options, so you can simply pick the combination you prefer.

Buy from Amazon: ($8.69)

5. Fitbit Alta HR Metal Bracelet

Another official band from Fitbit – this metal bracelet is made out of surgical grade stainless steel. However, the bracelet is not water or sweat resistant, and Fitbit recommends that you don’t use it for high intensity workouts. However, the bracelet is perfect for low intensity workouts like going for morning walks, and more. Fitbit also recommends that you limit the bracelet’s exposure to moisture in order to maintain its life.

Buy from Fitbit: ($99.95)

6. Maledan Fitbit Alta HR Metal Band with Magnet Lock

This metal band from Maledan is another great looking third party band for the Fitbit Alta HR. The band is made out of premium quality stainless steel, and is elegant, and comfortable to wear. Thanks to the steel construction, the band is highly durable, and is also easy to resize with the strong magnetic clasp. Maledan also offers a one year hassle free replacement warranty on the band. The Maledan metal band is available in 6 colour choices, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Buy from Amazon: (starts at $9.99)

7. Bayite Fitbit Band with Rhinestone

If you want your Fitbit Alta HR to be more than just a utilitarian gadget, you should definitely check out this Rhinestone embedded bracelet from Bayite. The third party replacement band for the Fitbit Alta HR is made from high quality metal, and is embedded with Rhinestones, which adds quite a lot to the overall look of the band. It also comes with a tool to remove the links in the band, and resize it to fit your wrist perfectly. Bayite gives a one year hassle free exchange warranty on this band, so you can buy it risk free.

Buy from Amazon: ($16.99)

8. HUMENN Stainless Steel Fitbit Alta HR Bracelet [2 Pack]

Another great looking third party band for the Fitbit Alta HR is offered by HUMENN. The bands are made from stainless steel, and come with a magnetic clasp, for easy wearing. Also, thanks to the magnetic clasp, resizing the band is incredibly easy; you can just use the magnetic grip to ensure that the band is completely snug with your wrist so that the heart rate reader can function properly. It comes in a pack of two, and there are six different colour options available.

Buy from Amazon: (starts at $24.98)

9. Public School for Fitbit Alta HR

Another official, and expensive band comes from Fitbit’s partnership with Public School. The band is made from surgical grade stainless steel, and is unfortunately not sweat or water resistant. Fitbit recommends that you don’t use this band for intensive workouts, and limit its exposure to moisture, as it may cause the band to tarnish, or fade over time. As it is, the band is meant more as a fashion accessory than a utility, so you should treat it that way. However, the pricing of the band is very high, so make sure you really need it before deciding on buying it.

Buy from Fitbit: ($295.00)

10. Lwsengme Pattern Silicone Strap for Fitbit Alta HR

If the Fitbit’s functional look doesn’t appeal to you, you can check out this replacement strap from Lwsengme. The strap is made from Silicone, and is water and sweat resistant, so you can wear it through intensive workouts as well. There’s nothing really special here, except that Lwsengme offers 20+ patterns to choose from, so you’ll most probably find something to your liking.

Buy from Amazon: ($4.89)

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Buy These Fitbit Alta HR Bands to Accessorize Your Fitbit

While the band that comes with the Fitbit Alta HR is by no means a bad product to stick with, if you’re looking to accessorize your Fitbit even further, using third party bands is basically the only customization you can do on your Fitbit. Fortunately, there are a lot of great official and third party bands available for the Fitbit Alta HR. These bands are just the ones that I think are good enough, and should be considered. As always, I’d like to know your thoughts on the Fitbit Alta HR. Also, if you know of any other great bands for the Fitbit Alta HR, do let me know about them in the comments section below.

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