Top 15 Best Epub Reader For Windows

Reading vs. eReading — this has been a matter of immense discussion for a while, mostly since eReading devices and other solutions were able to get into roots of daily life. While some stick on the notion that the feel of holding books in hands is something irreplaceable, some prefer going on with the techy variant of reading experience, which offers comfort-ability along with other advantages. Nevertheless, it has to be noted that dedicated devices are not required, when you want to explore eReading but you can start your eReading journey from your Computers, Smartphones or Tablet PCs etc if you have right applications with you.

In this post, however, we have come up with a list that covers top epub readers for Windows-powered devices — not only computers but Smartphones and Tablet PCs that run on Windows Phone. First, we shall have a look into top Windows PC apps that can let you read epub books through your Windows PC.


Nook Ebook reader app

NOOK is a completely free eReading application for many platforms, including Windows 8! So, if you have a Windows 8.1-based computer with you, you can download NOOK eBook reader from Windows Store, and the app comes from Barnes & Noble, one of the popular book retailers in world. Apart from the feature to import epub & PDF files, NOOK has an integrated store of books, magazines, newspapers, comics etc that you can purchase (or just read, if it is free) using Microsoft account. Notable features of NOOK include highlighting and coloring to catalyze book reading along with an extremely impressive User Interface.

  • Supported Platform: Windows 8.1
  • Price: Free

Download NOOK

2. Icecream eBook Reader

Icecream eBook Reader is an intuitive eBook reading solution from Icecream Apps and it can serve well as a place for storing your epub-based eBook files and reading them in an impressive manner, with all comfort-ability required. It’s worth noting that the tool weighs only 14.2 MB but has superb features such as support for various platforms such as fb2, mobi, pdf, cbr and cbz apart from epub. Full screen mode, bookmarks feature & night mode etc are some other features.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Price: Free

Download Icecream eBook Reader

3. Cover

Despite the fact that Cover is a dedicated tool for reading comic books, it does work as a sufficient eBook reader that offers support for both epub and mobi files. In addition, if you find it to be your taste to read comic books, you’ll find this tool something just awesome, because the tailor-made app has a lot of additional features. In addition, it has to be noted that Cover works just perfectly if when you are using a touch-enabled Windows device.

Apart from popular eBook platforms such as PDF, EPUB, CBZ, RAR, CB7 etc, Cover supports image-based books as well.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows 8.1
  • Price: Free (With In-app Purchases)

Download Cover

4. Sumatra

Sumatra, which is also known as Sumatra PDF, is a minimal eBook reader that supports various eBook formats such as PDF, epub, mobi, XPS, CBZ, CBR etc. As we said, simplicity of User Interface is what makes Sumatra different from many eBook readers available in World Wide Web, and you will be able to have a reading experience using the app! The tool is available both as a standalone app and a portable app that you can use in any Windows PC without doing the installation.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 (Portable Version also available)
  • Price: Free

Download Sumatra PDF

5. Calibre

If you are not looking for a mere eBook reader but need a one-stop solution for eBook reading, library management & a lot of other needs that you come across while indulging in the art of reading, Calibre is the best choice you have!  Apart from a minimal eBook reading experience, you will be able to manage your books, edit eBooks and lots more. It has to be noted that Calibre is so simple to use that any beginner can approach the tool confidently.

  • Supported Platform: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Price: Free

Download Calibre

6. FBReader

You might have heard this name rather as an Android or Windows Phone, but FBReader, a free eBook reader, offers a dedicated version for Windows-powered PCs as well. Resembling some of the tools mentioned above, FBReader is having an ultra-simple user interface with less buttons, but it gives priority to reading experience. So, if you want to read, without any distractions, FBReader is a great choice that we would suggest. Plus, it supports a wide range of eBook, including epub, fb2, mobi, rtf and html.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Price: Free

Download FBReader

7. Cool Reader

Cool Reader is an open-source solution to read eBooks from your Windows-powered PC without paying anything. So, you can download the favorite eBook you want and start reading. Despite being open source, Cool Reader has a lot of features including bookmark system, support for a wide range of formats such as fb2, txt, rft, tcr, doc, html, epub and mobi etc. Altogether, Cool Reader is something great if you are looking for an easy-to-use eBook reader.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Price: Free (Open Source)

Download Cool Reader

8. EpubReader

Unlike the tools mentioned above, EpubReader is a premium eBook reader for devices running on Windows 8. With a number of impressive features, the tool can help you read epub-based eBooks right from your Windows 8 device. The app has a number of features, including local library management, in-book customization for the sake of a great reading experience etc. Altogether, if you are ready to pay, EpubReader will be an awesome solution for you, and it’s going to work even superb if the Windows 8 device has touch screen support.

  • Supported Platforms: Windows 8.1
  • Price: $2.49

Download EpubReader

9. Bookviser

Bookviser is an awesome application for Windows 8 devices to read eBooks in a simple way. Bookviser does support a wide range of eBook formats such as EPUB, TXT and FB2, making it a compatible solution for almost every kind of eBooks you come across in web. In addition to the minimalistic reading experience, Bookviser offers access to a huge number of free books, for instance, you can download free eBooks from Project Guttenberg and read them. Plus, as you do in other readers, you can import files from file system as well.

  • Supported Platform: Windows 8.1
  • Price: Free

Download Bookviser

10. Freda

If you are looking for an easy-to-use eBook reader that can handle various eBook formats, such as EPUB, FB2, HTML, Freda for Windows 8 will be something great, indeed. Freda does not have much features but it offers an extremely customizable yet intuitive space to read your favorite books, which are available in a popular eBook file formats.

  • Supported Platform: Windows 8.1
  • Price: Free

Download Freda

Now, as we have checked out some top epub readers for Windows PC, it’s turn for mobile devices — apps that help you read epub eBooks in your Windows powered Smartphones. So, shall we start the list?

11. FBReader for Windows Phone


If you have a Windows Phone-powered device with a moderate screen size, FBReader App for Windows Phone can turn the device into a productive eBook reader. Using the tool, you will be able to read eBooks that are available in epub, fb2 and epub. Considering support of SkyDrive Integration and Microsoft Translator, FBReader for Windows Phone is a noteworthy app, indeed. And, more importantly, FBReader for Windows Phone is free to use.

  • Price: Free

Download FBReader

12. Bookviser for Windows Phone

We had listed Bookviser in our list of top eBook reading apps for Windows 8 as well, and Bookviser has a dedicated app for Windows Phone, as a matter of surprise. With no ads to disturb your reading experience and a simple to use and clean user interface, Bookviser will be a fine choice for all bibliophiles out there. And, quite importantly, the app is completely free to use.

  • Price: Free

Download Bookviser

13. Legimi

As far as a normal user is concerned, Legimi for Windows Phone will be a great app for reading eBooks that do come in epub file format. You can either import the book from your own device or depend upon OneDrive to get the books you need. Although there are not a huge amount of features, Legimi for Windows Phone is something great, when we do consider its simple user interface.

  • Price: Free

Download Legimi

14. Freda

We had seen Freda app for Windows 8 devices in the former part of list, and Freda has a dedicated option for those who prefer eReading in their Windows-powered Smartphones. Just as the desktop app does, Freda can be used to read eBooks that are in epub, fb2, html and txt, given the simple user interface. Considering the simplicity, Freda is a great choice for beginners — and, it’s free to use.

  • Price: Free

Download Freda

15. MoHoo Reader

MoHoo Reader is one of the most popular eReading applications that are available for Windows Phone devices, and it offers a truly impressive reading experience. Along with the support for various popular formats, MoHoo Reader lets you import books from many locations such as SkyDrive, Wi-Fi Transfer, SD Card etc. Altogether, MoHoo Reader is a noteworthy solution, we bet.

  • Price: Free

Download MoHoo Reader

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So, what do you think about these applications for epub reading? Do you have some better suggestions? In both cases, we are eager to hear from you.

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  • Vegan Garo says:

    Firefox’ EPub Reader extension is a fully feature lightweight epub reader. Having a reader on a tab is just awesome.

    PS: It just update! …greater than before! haha

  • Pete says:

    +1 for Calibre (#5 on this list)

    So easy to use, and in the top right corner it has a button that allows you to switch between paged mode (where the text is broken up into pages like in a paper book) and flow mode (where the text is not broken up into pages) so you can just scroll endlessly as you read 🙂

    • Frost says:

      Pete, thank you! It’s exactly what I was looking for – line-by-line scrolling. I’ve tried Calibre before, but wasn’t aware of this mode.

      For some unknown reason most ebook readers’ developers worship that “looks like a read book” feature. But it’s not a feature, it’s a big disadvantage – a PC is not a book, and shouldn’t look like one.

      But anyway, looks like I’m now somewhat happy with Calibre.

    • phly95 says:

      On the other hand, I noticed that Calibre sometimes stretches images while Sumatra keeps it at the correct aspect ratio. Though, I just tested it and it’s only an issue with page mode, so on continuous, there’s no problem

  • Guigui says:

    Strange that Bibliovore is not in this list. It is a must have on windows tablets

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