7 Best Elden Ring Talismans for Strength Builds

Strength weapons and builds in Elden Ring are possibly one of the popular choices for almost any player, and with the proper talisman, you can pretty much become a force to be reckoned with. However, even strength-building players can find it difficult to browse from the sea of talismans out there. Well, to ease you into your journey, we have compiled a list of the best Elden Ring strength build talismans out there. So with that, let’s begin!

1. Radagon’s Scarseal

Ritual Sword Talisman for strength build in Elden Ring

Our first choice for the best Elden Ring strength talisman is called Radagon’s Scarseal. This talisman is kind of a jack of all trades as it increases your vigor, endurance, strength, and dexterity by 3 points each. However, the tradeoff is that it will also increase damage taken from enemies by 10%. So, if there’s a chance where you can’t wield one of the best Elden Ring greatswords because you are short by a few points, this will do it.

To grab the Elden Ring Radagon’s Scarseal, you must travel to the Weeping Evergoal at the Weeping Peninsula. Once there, interact with a sign in the middle of a large stone circle. Then, fight the boss named Ancient Hero of Zamor, and defeat them to receive this Elden Ring talisman.

2. Radagon’s Soarseal

Radagon's Soarseal strength talisman in Elden Ring for build

The Radagon’s Soarseal talisman is pretty much Radagon’s Scarseal talisman but amped up. Equipping this talisman will increase your Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity by 5 points each. This allows you to wield any Strength or Dexterity weapon out there quickly. However, your damage taken also increases by 15%, compared to the 10% from Scarseal. Ultimately, it boils down to if you’re happy with the tradeoff.

If you visit Fort Faroth at Dragonbarrow and explore the area carefully, you’ll find a dead body on a higher platform. Go outside, go up the ladder, and drop down from an opening on the roof to get this talisman.

3. Erdtree’s Favor

Erdtree's Favor Elden Ring Talisman for Bleed and strength build

While also preferred by Elden Ring Bleed players, Erdtree’s Favor is also one of the best talismans out there for a strength one. This Elden Ring talisman increases HP by 3%, stamina by 7%, and equip Load by 5%. Since strength builds rely a lot on health and stamina, this medallion comes in incredibly handy.

There are three variants of it available in-game. The first variant is at the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. The +1 variant exists at Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. It exists in a chest behind the boss Mogh and increases your HP by 3.5%, Stamina by 7%, and Equip Load by 5%.

The +2 variant exists at Leyndell. Fast-travel to the Forbidden Lands site of grace, and take the elevator to the city, you’ll find the Talisman in a large courtyard with a beast. While we know the name might be similar, the actual Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree (review) is something else.

4. Great-Jar’s Arsenal

Great-Jar Arsenal Talisman

Equipment load is an important component of creating a strength build-in Elden Ring, and Great-Jar’s Arsenal helps out with just that. This Elden Ring talisman increases the equipment load of your character by 19%. So, now you can equip yourself with heavier greatswords in-game, while not faltering and struggling to dodge and roll slowly.

Obtaining this requires you to complete the Siorfa Deep River Well area, and take the Siorfa River Tunnel lift to Dragonbarrow at Caelid. You have to talk with the large jar blocking the way of the Caelid Colloseum. Doing so will prompt you to interact with three red summon signs and defeat those invaders. After doing that, talk with the jar again, and receive this Elden Ring talisman.

5. Claw

Claw Talisman in Elden Ring

Much like our blood build, it is best to jump attacking with your strength weapon, as that deals more damage than your standard slash attacks. And to ensure your jump attack hits hard, consider grabbing the Elden Ring Claw talisman. Equipping it will increase the jump attack by 15%. So, consider equipping this talisman if you jump and attack frequently.

This is one of the early-game talismans you receive at Stormhill Castle. Spawn at the Rampart Tower site of grace, and go upwards from the room using the stairs at the lift room. Go outside, and parkour on the ledges to reach a roof with a dead body, holding this Elden Ring Talisman.

6. Ritual Sword

Ritual Sword Talisman for strength build in Elden Ring

The Ritual Sword talisman is one I suggest getting if you’re almost always on full health. This talisman increases your character’s attack power by 10% if they’re full HP. So, you can put in some early-game damage against your enemies, before taking damage and losing the buff eventually. And since strength weapons hit hard, this is a perfect talisman to grab.

To get this, spawn at Erdtree Gazing Hill Site of Grace, and traverse Lux Ruins beside it. There will be a boss room above Lux Ruins, so enter it and defeat Demi-Human Queen Gillika. This Talisman exists inside a chest, once you defeat this boss.

7. Bull-Goat Talisman

Bull-Goat Talisman for strength build in Elden Ring

The final choice on our list of the Elden Ring strength talismans is the Bull-Goat. Upon equipping it, the player’s max character poise pool increases by 33%, and reduces poise damage taken by 25%. So, now your player character can guard better against incoming attacks, not breaking their stance and taking damage.

To get this talisman for your strength built in Elden Ring, you need to visit the Dragonbarrow Cave at Caelid. It is right below the Minor Erdtree at Caelid, and the talisman is heavily guarded by a big bear inside the Dragonbarrow cave. Hence, I’d suggest running past the enemy and picking up the talisman to add to your strength build and create a strong character in Elden Ring.

We hope with our list of the best Elden Ring talismans for strength build your character is stronger and faster. Have more suggestions for us to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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