All New Weapon Types in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

In Short
  • Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree revealed all 8 new weapon types being added to the game.
  • The new weapon types include Light Greatswords, Great Katanas, Reverse-hand Swords, Throwing Weapons, Perfume Bottles, Thrusting Shields, Dryleaf Arts (Hand-to-Hand), and Beast Claws.
  • The DLC will also add around a 100 new weapons to the new and old weapon types.

Elden Ring’s DLC preview is out, revealing the game’s first three hours. The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC revealed many exciting secrets about the game. Out of all the new details, we finally got our first look at all the new weapon types being added to the game. If you don’t have a keen eye like us then keep reading as we list out all the new weapon types spotted during the Elden Ring DLC preview.

1. Light Greatswords

Elden Ring DLC New Light Greatsword
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

The Light Greatswords are much lighter, longer, and sleeker than normal Greatswords. They also have faster attack animation, with long and quick sweeping attacks, but have slightly slower startups. Compared to the normal Greatsword weapon type, Light Greatswords have multiple combo attacks, including Guard Counters.

The featured Light Greatsword weapon in the Elden Ring preview is named Milady, and its Ash of War skill allows players to perform a leaping sword plunge or quick combo slice attack.

2. Great Katanas

Elden Ring Katanas
Not Great Katanas (Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot

The Elden Ring DLC will also introduce a new type of Katana, named Great Katanas. These Katanas are much longer and wider than normal katanas in the game. Although we haven’t seen any of the official Great Katanas, it is rumored to look similar to Odachi Swords, which is a traditional Japanese great sword.

We can expect the Great Katana to be much slower than the regular Katanas in the game while hitting equally harder. The Great Katanas would also likely bleed enemies, which is common with all Katanas in Elden Ring.

3. Reverse-hand Swords

Elden Ring DLC Reverse Hand Swords
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

Another new interesting weapon type introduced in the Elden Ring DLC is the reverse-hand sword. They are swords that are held in a reverse grip and have completely new attack animations.

The Reverse-hand swords have quick slashes, followed by a dashing slash, and look really fun for PvPs. The swords can also block attacks, which hints that it is a single weapon that is always dual-wielded.

4. Throwing Weapons

Elden Ring DLC Throwing Weapons
Video Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

The Elden Ring DLC will also introduce a new type of throwable dagger that can be thrown without consuming FPs. The throwable dagger automatically reappears in the hand after throwing and provides a big range advantage in melee combat.

Other than throwable daggers, many new weapons are also being introduced in other weapon types which can be thrown. So far, we know about a new spear, one-handed axe, and large hammer that can be thrown using the charged heavy attack. This weapon type is going to change the PvP meta completely.

5. Perfume Bottles

Perfume Weapon Type Elden Ring DLC
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

Perfume bottles are another completely unexpected weapon types being added to the Elden Ring DLC. This weapon type uses strong AoE mid-range blast attacks, which appear as a mix of pyromancy, spells and incantations. However, they also do not consume FP and can be used indefinitely.

The perfume bottles can deal elemental damage, particularly frost and fire buildup, without using FPs. This weapon type is going to be amazing in the pesky gank spots all over Elden Ring.

6. Thrusting Shields

Elden Ring DLC Thrusting shield
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

Thrusting Shields are a new form of large shields that needs to be two-handed at all times. This weapon is both good defensively and offensively. All shields in Elden Ring can deal damage, and we have seen plenty of double-shield builds in the base game, so it will be interesting to see how this weapon functions.

The Thrusting Shields have a long spear attached to it, which can be used to perform lunging stabs. However, the weapon cannot seem to block grab attacks, which is also true for most other shields in the base game.

7. Dryleaf Arts (Hand-to-Hand)

Elden Ring DLC hand to hand weapon type
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

Elden Ring DLC will also add a Hand-to-Hand weapon type, first teased during the DLC trailer, which will basically allow players to attack enemies with cool spinning kicks. This is a bit different from normal punches with no equipped weapons. The hand-to-hand weapon type has completely new attack animations, straight out of an eastern martial arts movie.

From fast punches to spinning kicks, this new weapon type looks the most fun to play. Preview players have reported that the playstyle of the weapon is a lot similar to the Bone Fist weapon in Dark Souls 2′ Ivory King DLC.

8. Beast Claws

Beast Claws Elden Ring DLC
Video Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

Beast Claws is a lot similar to the hand-to-hand weapon type but with wilder attack animations. The Beast Claws can deal with wild lunging swing attacks, almost like a beast.

The attack animations are similar to Maliketh’s first phase of Beast Clergyman attacks, with wild claw swings and jumping lunges. This weapon type looks to be the hardest to predict in PvP fights, forcing opponents to always stay on their tows and anticipate the next attack.

I don’t know about you but the last weapon definitely looks like my type. Nonetheless, Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is all set to have the best of weapons once it drops. Which is your favorite among this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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