5 Apple Watch for Kids You Can Buy in 2024

Being a parent is a full-time job. You want to stay connected to your child, even when they’re at school or exploring the outside world. At the same time, some kids are too young for a smartphone. This is where an Apple Watch comes into play. Unlike a phone, a smartwatch limits social media apps and provides minimal web access, making it an excellent choice for parents to introduce their kids to technology at an early age. If you’re planning to buy an Apple Watch for your child, we’re here to help you choose the best.

In this article, we’ve listed 5 Apple Watches for kids that are worth checking out. Whether your priority is budget or security features, there’s an Apple Watch for every kid. Let’s explore!

1. Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8
Tech SpecsApple Watch 8
Dial Size options41mm or 45mm
Water-resistanceup to 50 meters
ChipS8 SiP
Battery life18 hours
Pricestarts from $399 (Wi-Fi) & $499 (Wi-Fi + Cellular)
Apple Watch Series 8 Tech Specs

For parents who are looking for the best Apple Watch for their child that strikes a perfect balance between features and price, the Apple Watch Series 8 is worth checking out. Starting at $399 for the Wi-Fi model, the Series 8 offers all the essentials you would expect from a smartwatch. In fact, it shares some similarities with the Apple Watch Ultra. The most notable features are an ECG app, cycle tracking, emergency SOS, and crash and fall detection. Besides, there’s a temperature sensor as well as a blood oxygen sensor that’s useful in certain situations.

The Series 8 also comes in two screen sizes, 41mm or 45mm. We recommend going for the smaller one, as it makes the best option for kids. If your child already owns an iPhone, you can buy the Wi-Fi model and save a few bucks. If you’re not ready to buy him a smartphone, invest in the Cellular model instead. Also, the Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the best-performing smartwatches for adults. So, if your kid often gets bored of any gadget super soon, this Apple Watch won’t be lying in your drawer.

Value for moneyNot suitable for rugged environments
Full array of health sensors
Dust resistance

2. Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra
Tech SpecsApple Watch Ultra
Case Size options49mm
Water-resistanceup to 100 meters
ChipS8 SiP
Battery life36 hours
Pricestarts at $799
Apple Watch Ultra Specs

If you’re willing to splurge and want the best Apple Watch for your teenager who loves extreme sports, the Apple Watch Ultra is gonna be your best bet. The pinnacle of Apple smartwatches, the Apple Watch Ultra is one of the most expensive options and has the largest screen at 49mm. The most remarkable difference between the Ultra and the other Apple Watch models is the brighter, larger, and flatter screen covered by a sapphire crystal face.

It’s surrounded by a titanium case which makes it sturdy enough to easily handle everyday wear and tear. Also, it comes with IPX6 dust resistance, up to 100 meters (328 feet) water resistance, and a military-grade (MIL-STD 810H) certification for ruggedness. Not to forget, the Ultra comes with a programmable Action Button that offers instant access to a variety of workout functions.

The best part is that the Apple Watch Ultra comes in an array of bands designed with different extreme outdoor sports users in mind. There’s a Trail Loop designed for athletes and runners, an Alpine Loop featuring high-strength yarn and a G-hook, and an Ocean Band for those who enjoy extreme water sports and recreational diving. So, your kid can wear his smartwatch to scuba-diving, trekking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. If your child is responsible enough for expensive gadgets, the Apple Watch Ultra is worth your money.

A stunning display with up to 2,000 nits of brightnessExpensive
Solid battery lifeThe case size might be too big for some
Better water resistance than other Series
Available in various loop options

3. Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

Apple Watch SE
Tech SpecsApple Watch SE 2
Case Size options40mm or 44mm
Water-resistanceup to 50 meters
ChipS8 SiP
Battery life18 hours
Pricestarts from $249 (Wi-Fi) & $299 (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

If you don’t want to spend too much on an Apple Watch for your school-going kid but also wish to satisfaction that your kid doesn’t miss out on any important features, the Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen is a top choice. It comes in the small 40mm case size option, making it perfect for most kids. The LTE variant of the Apple Watch SE 2 starts at $249 and offers most of the key features available on the Series 8. There’s Crash detection, fall detection, High and low heart rate notifications, sleep tracking, and more.

The Apple Watch SE 2 (Cellular model) is one of the best budget Apple Watch for kids who don’t have an iPhone. You can use Apple’s Family Setup feature (discussed below) to set up a cellular Apple Watch SE from your iPhone. You can opt for a Cellular plan for your kid’s watch, with an additional monthly cost. With the cellular connectivity option, your child can always make calls or access emergency services if required. All in all, if you’re looking for a smartwatch that lets you talk and text with your kids and track their location without the full cost and risk of a smartphone, the Apple Watch SE 2 Cellular is worth checking out.

AffordableNot as durable as the latest options
Crash and fall detection
Supports Family Setup for kids
Health and Location tracking

4. Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7
Tech SpecsApple Watch Series 7
Case Size options41mm or 45mm
Water-resistanceup to 50 meters
ChipS8 SiP
Battery life18 hours
Pricestarts at $275
Apple Watch Series 7 Specs

If you’re looking for the best value for money Apple Watch for a 12-year-old that makes no compromises in the features, your search should end here. Launched back in 2021, the Apple Watch Series 7 brought some notable features like fast charging, a 20% larger screen, IPX6 dust resistance, and a more durable design. These features are still not available on the Apple Watch SE 2.

Impressively, it’s one of the most durable Apple smartwatches ever made and comes with both stainless steel and titanium options. So, if you want extra durability at a budget-friendly price, Series 7 is a fantastic option.

Another reason why the Apple Watch Series is the best for your kid is that it comes in two standout colors- green and blue. Unfortunately, Apple no longer offers these colors for the Series 8. You can also save some nice cash by going for a refurbished one.

Comes in unique blue and green colorsShorter battery life than Apple Watch Series 8 or 9
Offers most of the latest health features
Dust, water, and crack resistance
More durable than Apple Watch SE

5. Apple Watch Hermès Edition

Apple Watch Series 7
Tech SpecsApple Watch Hermes Edition
Case Size options41mm or 45mm
Water-resistanceup to 50 meters
ChipS9 SiP
Battery life36 hours
Pricestarts at $1249
Apple Watch Hermes Specs

Gone are the days when teens would settle for minimal things. Today, children are more tech-savvy and brand-conscious than ever. If you’re planning to buy the best Apple Watch that packs the functionality of a smartwatch and the feel of a designer watch, say hello to the Apple Watch Hermès. This is essentially an Apple Watch Series 9 packed with exclusive Hermès watch faces and different case etchings. 

That means you get all the features of the Apple Watch Series 9 like a 2,000 nits Always-On display and the double tap gesture. That said, the price range for the Apple Watch Hermès model is significantly higher than the Series 9 model due to the designer brand name. You’ll have to shell out $1,249 to $1,349, depending on the size and other options. All versions come with cellular capability (monthly plan not included) and feature Apple’s premium stainless steel casings.

Stylish bandsToo expensive for what it offers
Exclusive Hermès watch facesSame features as the Apple Watch Series 9
Comes with an extra Sports Band in the box
Looks and feels luxurious

Use Family Setup on Your Child’s Apple Watch

If your child doesn’t have an iPhone, you can use the Family Setup feature to allow your child to enjoy the features and benefits of an Apple Watch. It will help him make phone calls, send messages, and share his location with you. Once you set up a watch for your kid or any other family member, you can then use your iPhone to manage some of the smartwatch’s capabilities.

Here’s what you need to set up Apple Watch for your kid:

  • An Apple Watch SE with cellular or Apple Watch Series 4 or later with cellular running watchOS 7 or later
  • An iPhone 6s or later running iOS 14.0 or later.
  • An Apple ID for yourself and your kid. You must enable two-factor authentication on your Apple ID.
  • A Family Sharing group that includes your kid.

Once you’re ready, follow these steps to set up an Apple Watch for your child.

Is there a kid version of an Apple Watch?

No, Apple doesn’t offer a kid version of any of its smartwatches. However, there are some Apple Watch models that make a great option for kids, school-going children, and teenagers.

Can a kid use an Apple Watch without a phone?

If a parent owns an iPhone, they can allow their child to enjoy the features and benefits of an Apple Watch. For this, the parent has to use the Family Setup feature.

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