Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 6GB Review: Is It Any Better?

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  • Shivam Pednekar says:

    Asus Max Pro m1 Supported fast charging….Yes ya No

  • Kunj Bihari says:

    This phone is really awesome and his battery performance is so good

  • Jashan says:

    Well,asus intoduce their new phone name asus zenphone max pro m1.
    personally I used iphone 6 more than year i don’t want to used another high end out of this brand,but unfortunately,it has been problem with battery shutdowning at 85%,even i changed battery from apple servie centre but its not sort out,i see yesterday add out of oppo,vivio,and redmi this asus phone, i like it but its quite difficult to leave premium quality like super smooth dsiplay,diff apps iike whstapp theme,new app store,great sound qualitywith reall time clear base,i wanna knw,will in max pro we hide buttons, like in note 5 pro?super smooth touch?will this phone better than iphone 6 at any moments?

  • Ryan says:

    Is this also good for games like mobile legends? Is it not laggy? ty

    • arjun says:

      yes you can play mobile legends without any kind of lag

  • Atlas Vista says:

    There is another reason for me to choose Max Pro M1 over Redmi Note 5 Pro: the dedicated card slot.
    Redmi Note 5 Pro memory card takes the 2nd SIM slot and you can only choose either (Unless you do some unsafe modification on your SIM and memory card), but for Max Pro M1 I can get both dual SIM activated with my memory card full of movies drama and songs.

    • Pranob Mehrotra says:

      That’s great! You’ve got your priorities straight. I would’ve also chosen the Max Pro M1 over the Redmi Note 5 Pro if I wanted a dedicated memory card slot and two SIM slots. However, I don’t require more than 64GB of storage on my device and I value a good camera more than a memory card slot. I can always transfer files from my phone to my PC or use an OTG drive but, I can’t install a better camera! 😀

  • Anu5 says:

    Looks Like you got paid nicely by Xaiomi to talk white lies about ASUSi ha Buddy.

    • Pranob Mehrotra says:

      Hi Anurag, I’m really sorry that you feel that I got paid by Xiaomi to write a false review for the ZenFone Max Pro M1. In case you paid attention while reading the review, you’d see that I’ve provided substantial proof of every point that I made in the review and I gave props to the ZenFone Max Pro M1 wherever they were due, i.e, the phone’s battery life, performance and stock Android experience. I really wish companies would pay me for writing fake reviews for their devices, it’s an easy get rich quick scheme. Alas, I’m just a lowly employee and I have enough integrity to write what I experience first hand, rather than what I’m asked to. I hope you’d reconsider your stance after going through the review once again. Other than that, I can’t do much to please your personal biases. Cheers!

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