Users Can Now Ask Alexa to Get a Doctor’s Appointment in Apollo Hospitals

apollo feat.

Users in India can now ask any Alexa-enabled devices to set an appointment in Apollo Hospitals. Apollo in collaboration with MobiSprint Consulting has developed the “Ask Apollo” Alexa skill to help patients book an appointment in any of the Apollo hospitals or clinics.

One of the largest hospital chains in India, Apollo has over 70 hospitals set up all over the country. Users can now add the “Ask Apollo” skill to their Amazon Echo devices and ask Alexa to arrange an appointment with any of the 5000 doctors available in the hospitals. They can also set a preferred branch or pharmacy of the hospital chain by customising the skill.

The managing director of Apollo Hospitals, Sangita Reddy said, “The mass adoption of artificial intelligence in the lives of people has fuelled the shift towards voice applications and the number of IoT devices have given voice assistants more utility in a connected user’s life,”.

With this Alexa voice skill, Apollo became the first healthcare organisation in India to provide voice-assisted appointment booking and hospital search. “We will be adding more features to the skill in the near future.”, added the MD.

The main aim of this project is to help both the parties to arrange appointments and visits to the hospitals. The skill would make arranging doctor appointments much easier for both patients and the hospital staff as much fewer resources and much less time will be consumed. With the booming popularity of IoT devices in India, this skill would help Indian patients in a massive way.

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