Are Curved Monitors the Future and Should You Get One?

curved gaming monitors are the future

Having used a curved gaming monitor for the better part of five years, I can attest to the numerous advantages it provides. Since most of us are accustomed to flat screens, getting a curved monitor can be a daunting choice at first. Even though the price isn’t much higher, a curved monitor comes with its own design choices among other things. However, if you’re willing to push past the hesitancy, a curved monitor not only does wonders for your workflow but its benefits also seep into play and entertainment. But what exactly do curved monitors do better than flat panels? Well, let’s dive into it and find out exactly why you should get a curved screen.

Curved Gaming Monitors: An Immersive Future (2022)

With the global gaming monitor market expected to grow to US$386.80 billion by 2028, we will see several advancements and innovations in panels. Tech behemoths like MSI are investing heavily in research & development to not only attain higher refresh rates and better color accuracy but also new designs to deliver immersive experiences. And that’s where curved gaming monitors step into the picture.

That said, in this guide, we will take a closer look at why curved monitors are the future and why you should consider it when making your next purchase decision. We will follow it with a curved gaming monitor that’s been recognized by Taiwan Excellence as the best pick. Let’s dive in and check out all the juicy details.

Why Curved Monitors Deserve Your Attention

There are a plethora of benefits that come from using a curved monitor as your primary display. Here are some things you can expect when using a curved monitor.

Curved Monitors Are Easier on Eyes

If you start to feel your eye strain gradually reducing after a few days of using a curved monitor, you’re not just imagining it. By nature, our eyes are programmed to receive information from the entire visual field. A flat monitor, while perfectly fine, forces the eyes to adjust back and forth from the screen’s center to its edges. A glance or two won’t hurt, but eye strain quickly becomes a common issue once you spend countless days in front of a flat screen.

Curved monitors are explicitly designed to wrap around the curvature of the human eye. This means the monitor uses your eye’s natural field of view. As you probably would have guessed, this means better eye comfort and lesser strain on them. To add to that, a curved screen also helps minimize extra neck movement. While it might take a few days for your eyes to adjust to a curved screen, remember that it is better in the long run and eye-friendly.

Curved Monitor Gets More Done

A big part of almost everybody’s life is our work, and that requires many to spend hours in front of screens. While lesser eye strain is good, you naturally want your monitor to be good at optimizing real estate. A flat panel screen, especially a small one, struggles with this. The result is a work experience that has you minimizing tabs and apps or having them in small windows.

A curved monitor, on the other hand, is better optimized to handle multi-application scenarios. Since the field of view of curved screens is better, you feel like you have more real estate. This means you can go on to open more apps on the same screen. A curved panel also renders a better view, meaning bigger-sized tabs on the same screen. If you’re looking to experiment, why not set up a double-curved monitor setup? Just a thought. So the next time you feel like multi-tasking on a better monitor, go for a curved one.

Curved Gaming/ Entertainment Is Better

Curved monitors don’t just cover your workflow, they transcend into entertainment too, especially if you pick a gaming monitor with good color accuracy and a high refresh rate. Since a curved monitor offers better viewing angles and a wider viewing area, you get to see more of your screen. Besides the extra space, a curved gaming monitor creates a much better sense of immersion; essentially pulling you into the action.

Gamers generally have a tendency to get lost in their fictional worlds. Curved gaming monitors just add to that effect and pull users in by offering an immersive experience. Combined with the lesser eye strain, I could game for hours on end without it being a problem. Further, the curved gaming monitor market comes with the same specs variety that gamers look for, including high refresh rates, low latency, high brightness, and more.

Lastly, for those who want to binge TV shows, a curved screen helps there too. The added real estate advantage, color accuracy, and lesser eye strain make for a perfect entertainment recipe. Since a curved monitor feels more natural to the eyes, I always find myself pausing my shows less often and just keep watching.

Curved Monitors Are Also Inexpensive

When I first built my PC setup, I set aside a big chunk of money for a curved monitor. This was mainly because I was under the impression that a design and technology like this must be expensive. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that curved screens fall into the same price category as flat panels. Like other panels, a curved gaming monitor comes in all manner of sizes and resolutions. So no matter if you are in the market for a simple 24-inch FHD or a top-of-the-line 38-inch WQHD+ panel, you’re in luck.

Taiwan Excellence Chooses MSI MPG ARTYMIS 100

If our reasoning convinced you about the idea of a curved monitor but the variety online bamboozled you, don’t be confused. The Taiwan Excellence Awards pick the most innovative products across categories and have been doing so since its establishment in 1993. It has since become a trusted stamp of approval for products with the best design, quality, and marketing solutions. Moreover, the selection committee takes into the R&D efforts to recognize innovative products. These products then serve as a benchmark for the industry.

Any product with a Taiwan Excellence Award tag is one that you can rely upon, and our curved gaming monitor pick comes from them. As the year draws to a close, Taiwan Excellence has chosen MSI MPG ARTYMIS 100 as the winner in the curved gaming monitor category in 2022.

The MSI MPG ARTYMIS 100 is a 27-inch WQHD 240Hz curved monitor that comes with a chock full of features. The design itself is a hybrid mix of play and work to fit most setup needs. So if you work by day and play by night, it will fit you like a glove. The ARTYMIS 100 adopts the perfect monitor curve with its 1000R surface tech, offering close to the viewing angle of the human eye. This ensures an extreme level of immersion for performance gaming. To combat eye fatigue, the monitor also emits lesser blue light than the standard.

The panel itself is beautiful and uses Quantum Dot technology, which is essentially an engineered layer of nanoparticles. This results in outstanding color accuracy that goes as high as 95% DCI-P3 without being too complex with a Delta E ≤ 2. This is in part due to MSI QD Premium Color, which makes this curved screen fit for gaming as well as professional work. However, even after that, this monitor has retained a response time of 1 ms.

For gamers looking to multi-task, the MSI ARTYMIS 100 comes with KVM switch that will let them manage multiple monitors with the same set of keyboard, mouse, and gaming controller. And what to me seems like a groundbreaking feature, the MPG ARTYMIS also has a USB connection firmware upgrade function. So no matter where I am, all I need is a pen drive and a laptop, and I’m set.

Topping all that is an ambient light sensor that shifts the luminance of the display dynamically. I personally cannot stand a display with a brightness of <300nits, so the peak brightness of 530nits on the MSI MPG ARTYMIS 100 is super and more than enough for all. The high brightness also means the ARTYMIS comes with HDR 400 support for some quality content watching and experiencing AAA game worlds in all their glory.

No matter if this is your first time hearing about curved monitors or you’re reading this on one, the MSI ARTYMIS 100 might be looking like a sweet product to you.

Make MSI MPG ARTYMIS 100 Your First Curved Monitor

With a heightened level of immersion, lesser eye strain, and its nature to adapt to work and play situations, a curved monitor surely comes as a blessing. While you might feel odd for a few days, you will soon thank yourself for this decision. The MSI ARTYMIS 100 curved gaming monitor chosen by the Taiwan Excellence Awards committee is a product competitors can look up to. That said, what are your thoughts on curved monitors and their future? Have you used one? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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