Apple Park Campus Looks like an Abandoned Spaceship in this New Drone Footage

Apple park feat. 1

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Apple Park is one big campus sitting there. Covering a space of 2.8 million sq feet, the circular office building can accommodate almost 12000 employees. However, as the Novel Coronavirus menace continues to rise at an unprecedented rate, drone footage shows a completely empty Apple Park campus and it looks eerily weird!

The drone footage is shot by a man named Duncan Sinfield with his DJI Inspire 2. If you go to his YouTube channel you will find a lot of Apple Park drone videos following its construction. The man captured footages of the Apple Park at almost every stage of its construction and post-construction too.

Now, as the rapid spread of the Novel Coronavirus has forced the tech giant to close down the office building, the empty campus can give you creeps. Recently, we saw Tim Cook encouraging employees to work from home, just like any other company right now. Hence, the circular office building is looking like an abandoned spaceship from the top.

The video shows the campus from every possible angle and also the inside of the Apple Park. We can also see the rainbow coloured stage that was designed by the former design chief, Jony Ive at the time of the inauguration of the campus back in May 2019.

The government enforced statewide lockdown is keeping all the employees in their respective homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, there some employees with crucial roles like an IT executive or a database admin present on the campus. Other than these employees, there are no other employees present on the campus.

SOURCE Appleinsider
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