Respawn System Gets an Unexpected Buff in Apex Legends Season 19

apex legends season 19 respawn buff

We have all been in a situation where our surroundings seem clear of enemy activity, but a swarm of players rushes in the moment you respawn a teammate. Now, you make a run for your life and your teammate in the respawn ship is feeling helpless, ready to turn into a death box again. Respawn is looking to combat this and give players a chance to hold their ground after being respawned. The respawn system has received a surprising and MAJOR buff in Apex Legends Season 19, so let’s find out all about it.

Respawn with Loot in Apex Legends

Currently, when you respawn a teammate, they return to the game with the standard kit – a white helmet, white armor, two cells, and two syringes. They then need to replenish their inventory with weapons and loot.

This mechanic is getting buffed in Season 19. Now, when you respawn a teammate in a battle royale match, they will rejoin the match with loot and the armor they had on before their death in-game. Here are the exact rules for the new and improved respawn system in Apex Legends Season 19:

  • respawn with the armor you died with, along with the EVO points progress intact
  • respawn with weapons you had, but without attachments. However, you will not get back care package weapons on respawn if that’s what you were using.
  • You will get two stacks of ammo for each weapon you died with and have on respawn
  • Two cells and two syringes, the same as before

For example – I died with a purple armor with 680 evo points until the next upgrade. Also, I had an Alternator and Mozambique on me. I came back with the same shield and weapons on respawn. It was amazing! I will update this post with a video soon, so stay tuned.

What do you think about this change? Isn’t it just the most surprising and insane buff? You now have an incentive to respawn teammates since they no longer need to scour for loot and can join fights right away. Alas, due to this change, we will no longer get to witness magical moments like TSM Snip3down throwing hands in the final ring during an ALGS match!

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