Apex Legends: Ranked Leaderboard Is Not a Current Priority, Says Dev

Apex Legends ranked leaderboard coming or not

Apex Legends has been around for more than five years, offering the best battle royale experience to players. From the early days, the game has had a ranked mode to give players the opportunity to test their skills and become an Apex Predator, one of the top 750 Apex Legends players in the world.

Now, even though ranked mode has been around for a long time, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has been unwilling to add a leaderboard in-game. An in-game leaderboard that lists the Apex Predators has long been one of the most requested features from the community.

The recent addition of a leaderboard for Apex Rumble, the new asynchronous tournament mode in beta, made me hopeful about the leaderboard coming to more modes in the future. However, I have some unfortunate news for you.

I got the chance to speak with Respawn developers recently and inquired about the possibility of a ranked leaderboard coming to Apex Legends anytime soon.

Q. Apex Rumble brings an in-game leaderboard, is the dev team exploring something similar for the ranked mode?

In response, Chris “C4” Cleroux, the Lead Progression Designer for Apex Legends, revealed that “leaderboard for the core ranked mode [are] not part of the discussions that are ongoing right now.” It is something that Respawn has hinted at in the past, but looks like the decision to add a ranked leaderboard has been deferred.

Chris added that leaderboards will however continue to be a consistent feature in Rumbles; more of which are coming in Upheaval on May 7. Furthermore, he did get my hopes up by saying we should look forward to something at the end of Upheaval. Does this mean Respawn needs more time to test the leaderboards feature with Rumble? Are they finally considering a ranked leaderboard? Well, not likely for now.

I believe Apex Legends should’ve added a leaderboard for ranked mode long ago, giving players one more reason to grind the game. The badges and banners are all good but seeing your name among a list of the top 750 players is a different feeling altogether. The Finals nailed this by adding trophies for the top 10 players to their game, and I want something similar for Apex Legends.

One of the many reasons I think Respawn is delaying this feature is the evolving nature of ranked. I mean, we have seen ranked being reloaded twice, plus the mode is often plagued with boosters and cheaters. Security is an ongoing effort. So, if I were in Respawn’s shoes, I would also not be sure of adding a leaderboard that highlights this issue.

What is your opinion on this? Were you looking forward to a ranked leaderboard this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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