Apex Legends Coming to Nintendo Switch on 2nd February Alongside Season 8

apex legends nintendo switch

After adding a brand new map and its first-ever vehicle for the players to ride, popular battle royale title, Apex Legends, is set to introduce some major changes with Season 8. It will go live a couple of days ahead of the game’s second anniversary, on February 2, with a surprise in tow. But, the cat appears to be out of the bag already. Apex Legends will reportedly launch on Nintendo Switch on the same day.

We’ve been hearing about Respawn launching the game on Nintendo Switch for quite some time now. The developers even delayed the Switch version of Apex Legends close to the end of last year. However, in a recent “Stories from the Outlands” video, fans of the game spotted a major hint that suggests Respawn will be launching the Nintendo Switch version along with its upcoming season on February 2nd.

apex legends - fuse

Respawn will also be launching a new “Legend” (one of the many in-game characters) with its new season dubbed “Mayhem”. So, the developers, as usual, released a cool, animated video on YouTube detailing the backstory of the character, Fuse.

Now, the company released the video in various regions and in different languages. So, some very observant fans of the game discovered additional texts in the description of the Japanese version of the video that (somewhat) confirms the launch of the Switch version of Apex Legends.

The additional text was allegedly written along with all the other game-related info in the video description and reads: “And on February 2nd, it will possible to play on Switch at the same time as the start of Season 8!” Even though this text is not present in the English version of the latest video, several fans have reported that it is there in the descriptions of the video in several other foreign languages. You can check out the video right below.

As a result, this leads us to believe that Respawn is ready to launch the game on the new platform on 2nd February. Apex Legends is currently available for PlayStation 4 and 5, PC, and the Xbox lineup. However, unfortunately, there are still no words on when the game will make its way to mobile devices, although EA has already confirmed it earlier. Until then you can try out this method to play the game on your Android device.

So yeah, Switch gamers will soon be able to enjoy the fast-paced battle royale-action game on-the-go, right on their handheld console.

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