Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch Will Happen in These Countries; Check out the List!

Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch Will Happen in These Countries

Following the success of Respawn’s uber-popular battle royale title Apex Legends on PC and consoles, EA confirmed to release the game on mobile back in 2020. Last year, we saw the closed beta version of Apex Legends release in India and the Philippines, followed by other beta tests in Indonesia and other regions of the world. And now, Respawn has announced that Apex Legends Mobile is getting a soft launch in a select few countries soon.

Apex Legends Soft Launch Happening Soon

Respawn, the developer behind Apex Legends, recently took to Twitter to announce that the soft launch for Apex Legends Mobile is coming soon to various countries. The tweet does not reveal an exact date for the soft launch, but we can expect the rollout to start on February 8th, which is when Season 12 for Apex Legends releases on PC and consoles.

During the soft launch period, it is revealed that Apex Legends Mobile will be available to Android users in the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • Colombia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

The pre-registration for the game is already live on the Google Play Store in the aforementioned countries. Android users can go to this link and pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile. To recall, the game was previously available to test in regions such as Mexico, India, Hong Kong, and Turkey.

Respawn also mentioned that it will reveal more details about the game’s global release and its availability for iOS users in the coming days. So, we suggest you sit tight for further updates.

Apex Legends Mobile is expected to be free, much like its PC version. As we note in our closed beta gameplay, it is intuitive and quite easy to use. You can check out our in-depth story on the closed beta of the game in India and know more details on this. The mobile version of the game is expected to come with 25% increased in-game credits. If you want even more details about Apex Legends Mobile weapons and characters, you can read our stories via the corresponding links.

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  • Ajay says:

    Hao to downlod an apex legends Mobile in mobile

  • Tizwayne says:

    When will it be released in jamaica

  • Luis o says:

    When its gonna be avaliable in florida

  • Lil spud says:

    America plz you know where your hole player base is

  • Dhruv singh says:

    Can’t wait !!

  • Blane says:

    Send it to the country Branson please

  • Howard Eeznutz says:

    Why isn’t it in America when that’s a massive portion of their player base

    • AurAXT says:

      It will not release in big areas first cuz the server will blow up they will release one by one for less lag

    • Jonathan says:

      Seriously wth? What is th thought process of that?

  • Pain says:

    Emotional damaged
    Gave me a beta version in india

  • Pain says:

    Where is my country ?
    Why India had a chances of trying beta version
    Emotional damaged

  • Mahesh podh says:

    Kase download kare

    • Beedom Inc. says:

      Wait until it comes to India

  • gSR says:

    I am from India will it come in phone

    • God Of Destruction says:

      Use VPN and connect to above mentioned server

      • KraberToTheHead says:

        Im not sure if VPN will work. The play store account needs to be on any of the countries mentioned for the soft launch. I could be wrong. I have been pre-registered for Apex mobile on the playstore since the first week of December. Let’s hope it comes here in India soon.

    • Nobody says:

      New Zealand
      Only. Use vpn if u want to.

  • Darpan says:

    Sir please lauch and diamond in game

  • Junaid abbas says:

    How to download an apex legends mobile in mobile 📲

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