Apex Legends Is Giving Away Its Most-Loved Flatline Skin for Free

Apex Legends flatline heat sink recolor and legendary wraith skin free
Image Courtesy: Respawn (Edited by Mohit Singh/ Beebom)
In Short
  • With the Apex Legends Season 20 rewards tracker, you can earn the Heat Sink (reactive) Flatline recolor skin.
  • The Flatline skin is unlocked on completing three different reward trackers over the season's duration.
  • Players will need to complete legend challenges, unlock battle pass levels, and send gifts to friends to get the skins.

No, we are not kidding! The Heat Sink (or Heavy Metal) Flatline from Season 4 is one of the most revered and rare skins in Apex Legends. We had been hearing rumors about this skin’s return in a Collection event, or in some form, for over a year. And now, with Apex Legends Season 20, we are finally getting a Heat Sink Flatline recolor — that too for free!

No need to spend money! No need to buy 24 packs to get a legendary skin! However, as expected, there is a catch! Let’s find out how you can get the Reactive Flatline skin for free in Season 20.

Free Rewards in Apex Legends Breakout

The Heat Sink Flatline recolor is part of the collection of Breakout Rewards, which also includes a new wraith legendary skin, matching banners and trackers set, and a legendary sticker. To unlock each of these rewards, you will need to grind the game and complete some challenges in Apex Legends Season 20. We have explained what they are below.

apex legend free rewards

Wraith Legendary Skin

As is usually the case with Anniversary seasons, Respawn makes legends free-to-play and lets you unlock them permanently if you meet certain requirements. For the 5th anniversary, legends such as Fuse, Seer, Rampart, Mad Maggie, Loba, and Valkyrie will be free-to-play, but each comes with its own sets of challenges. Here are the dates when they’ll be unlocked:

  • Seer: February 13
  • Fuse: February 27
  • Rampart: March 12
  • Mad Maggie: March 26
  • Loba: April 9
  • Valkyrie: April 23

If you complete the challenges successfully before the season’s end, you have the legends unlocked forever. But, doing so also earns you the legendary Wraith skin shown above.

Matching Wraith Banner Frame

Earning yourself a banner frame that matches the Wraith skin is even easier, as you simply need to grind the battle pass and earn all of the six featured banners you see above. They unlock at battle pass levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60, post which you will get the matching banner.

Legendary Sticker & Rare Trackers

The task to get these rewards may sound confusing and challenging at first, but it’s simple. Respawn will make free items available for everyone to gift to their friends in Apex Legends Season 20. You’ll need to gift 6 of these qualified items (see image above) to your friends to unlock the rare tracker set for Wraith. You also get a free ‘5th Anniversary’ legendary sticker on completing this task.

Flatline Skin (Heat Sink Recolor)

Now comes the most important part, how do you unlock this Flatline skin? Well, once you finish the three tasks mentioned above and get the completion reward for each, the new Reactive Flatline skin will be unlocked for you — for free.

I mean, it does take a fair bit of grinding; you will need to reach battle pass level 60, find friends and remember to send them gifts, and a lot more. However, the reward is worth it for players, those like me, who started a bit late (Season 5) but have longed for the reactive Flatline for the longest time!

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