Android Oreo Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Android Oreo has been received with much fanfare. In fact, I, too, am in love with this new update. Of all its features, I especially love the password autofill, the notification dots, and the picture-in-picture mode. However, Android Oreo’s release has not been without complaints. A lot of users are complaining about numerous bugs which have plagued this release. Now, any new OS update always suffers from some bugs, but, in the case of Android Oreo, the bugs are pretty annoying as they are messing with some of the basic functions of the OS. One more frustrating thing about Android Oreo’s update is that some of the features differ depending on the device you are using. If you are a Pixel owner, you will be receiving an update which is both aesthetically and functionally better than the one received by the owners of the Nexus line of devices. This is just unacceptable. So, in today’s article, we are going to cover all the Android Oreo common issues which users are experiencing and also the steps to fix them.

Note: After you update your device to Android Oreo, first of all, you should restart your device. Although it’s a basic step, it should resolve some of the minor annoyances that you are facing.

1. Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

One of the major problems that users are experiencing after updating their device to Android Oreo is with their Bluetooth connectivity. Users are experiencing frequent drops in the Bluetooth connectivity as the connection has become erratic and sporadic. Although a proper fix will be released by Google, you can take some steps to ensure proper functioning of your phone’s Bluetooth.

1. If you are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity problems even after restarting your device, go to the Settings page and “Forget” all your connected devices and then reconnect them. In most of the cases, this should solve all the problem. To do that, go to Settings->Connected Devices->Bluetooth. Here you will see a list of all your connected devices. Tap on the settings wheel icon present beside each of the device’s name and hit “Forget”.

bluetooth 1

2. If that doesn’t solve your problem, you can try to reset your network settings. To do that go to Settings->System->Reset->Network Setting Reset and tap on the “Reset Settings” button.

bluetooth 2

3. If even that doesn’t work, try to start your device in the Safe Mode. To do that, press and hold on the power button for five seconds to bring the “Restart” and “Power Off” button. Here, press and hold on the “Power Off ” button to restart the device in Safe Mode. The Safe Mode will check for any software corruption that your device might have. After you have done that, to go back to the normal mode, restart your device as you normally do.

bluwtooth 3

Note: Restarting your device in the Safe Mode will remove all your widgets, so be sure to take the screenshots of your widgets so that you remember your preferences when you have to add them back.

2. WiFi Connectivity Problems

Although WiFi connectivity problems have not been as widely reported as the Bluetooth connectivity one, there are some users who are complaining about some bugs. The steps to fix your WiFi connectivity problem will be the same as the ones which we just went through. First, we will “Forget” all the saved network connections. If that doesn’t solve the problem we will reset the network settings and as a last resort, we will try to restart the smartphone in the Safe Mode. As the last two steps are the same, I won’t be writing them again here. You can just follow the ones mentioned above.

1. To forget the WiFi Networks, go to Settings->Network & Internet->WiFi->Saved networks. Here, just tap on the name of the saved networks one by one and then tap on “Forget”. Now, reconnect to your network by typing in the password.

wifi step 1

As mentioned before, steps 2 and 3 will be same as that mentioned in the “Bluetooth Connectivity Problems” subheading. If the first step doesn’t solve your problem, follow them.

3. Square Icons on Nexus Devices

While the Nexus devices are first in the line (after Pixel) to receive the Android Oreo update, their joy has been maligned by the fact that some of the features coming to the Pixel devices are not for them. I personally feel that it’s bad on Google’s part to do that, but, there’s nothing we can do about it, other than finding some workaround to bring back those features. One of the biggest gripe of Nexus users with this latest update is that they are still stuck with the square icons. As the Pixel launcher is exclusive to Pixel devices, there’s no way to get those beautiful rounded icons, or, is there?

Well, you can install a custom APK of the Pixel launcher to get most of its features including rounded icons, notification dots, and all sorts of stuff. What’s even cooler is that this APK can be installed on devices running Marshmallow and higher, allowing you to get these features even if you own a secondary device which has yet not been updated to Android Oreo.

1. Just head over to this link and download the APK file shown in the picture and install it. Then make it your default launcher.

pixel launcher

icon 1

2. Now, to change the icon’s shape, long press on the home page and tap on “Settings”. Here tap on the “Change icon shape” option.

icon 2

3. Now, select the “Circle” option to get the rounded icons. The below picture shows you new circular icons which you get after selecting the said option.

icon 3

4. No Night-Light

Another feature missing in the Nexus devices which is present on the Pixel devices is “Night Light”. Night Light is a very handy feature which filters the blue light coming out of your smartphone’s display, giving it a warmer hue. It is a very handy feature as the warmer colours are easy on your eyes especially in the night time. Also, blue light has been found to interfere with our sleeping patterns, hence people using their smartphones in the night have trouble sleeping. These days, the Night Light feature is natively included in almost all your smart devices including laptops (macOS and Windows) and smartphones (iOS and Android).

night light

As all OEM’s including Google (Pixel) include this blue light filter feature, I really cannot grasp the reasoning behind its removal in the Nexus devices with Android Oreo update. Thankfully, there are a couple of good third-party apps which can help you do that. If your device is not rooted, you should go with Twilight (Free/$2.99). However, if you have a rooted device, the ever popular, “f.lux” (Free) will give you more control. If you are looking for some more options, you can check out our article which lists the best of them.

5. No Auto-Enable WiFi in Non-Pixel Devices

While we are on the topic of features which Google kept exclusive to their Pixel devices, here’s one more. There’s no toggle which allows the device to automatically enable WiFi when you are nearby a saved network. I don’t know why Google kept this feature exclusive to Pixels, but it is what it is. But, you don’t have to worry much, as there is an app which can allow you to do just that.

wifi toggler

Download the “Smart WiFi Toggler” app from the Play Store and it will do the work for you. Not only that, the app also disables your smartphone’s WiFi when you move out of the range of your saved WiFi networks. Just launch the app and it will guide you through its simple and easy set-up process. Once you are done with the setup, the app will work flawlessly.

6. Persistent “Apps Running in Background” Notification

One of the annoying things that come with Android O are persistent notifications which keep informing you whenever an app is running in the background. Although it’s good to see that information, we don’t get the ability to remove that notification. All we can do is to snooze the notification. These persistent notifications are very annoying, to say the least. Thankfully there’s one way which you can use to remove the notifications for good. So, if you are ready, let’s get through the steps.

persistant notification

Note: This tutorial was originally posted by Marco Stornelli on a Reddit thread. He is a developer of many free Tasker plugins (an app which we are going to use today).

1. First, install the “Tasker“($2.99) app and the “Notification Listener” (Free) app from the Play Store. Now, download the Tasker Profile needed to activate this feature. The profile was made by Marco himself, and you can download it by tapping on this link.

2. Open Tasker, and tap on “Tasks”. Now, tap on Tasks again to bring the import menu. Tap on it to import the XML file that we downloaded.

tasker 1

3. Tap on the arrow present on the top right corner and navigate to the downloaded file and import it.

tasker 2

4. Now, you should be able to see your imported file in the “Tasks” tab. Now, tap on the “Profiles” tab.

tasker 4

5. Here, press the plus button at the bottom right corner and then tap on “Event”.

tasker 5

6. Now, on the pop-up card, tap on “Tasker” and then select “Monitor Start”.

tasker 6

7. Press the back button and then select the “Snooze” task that we already imported. Once you have done that, Tasker will stop any persistent notifications from showing up on your smartphone.

tasker 7

What really happening here is that the Tasker profile we created snoozes the “app is running in the background” persistent notifications for a very long time (some thousand of years). This ensures that, you won’t see that notification ever again.

7. Battery Issues

Some of the users are also complaining about getting lower screen-on time after updating their devices to Android Oreo. Although I haven’t experienced this problem on my device, if such a problem persists, you will have to wait for a proper update to fix this problem at the OS level. In the meantime, you can extend your smartphone’s battery life by using the extensive battery optimisation options provided in Android Oreo.

1. To manage your battery settings, go to Settings->Battery and you will find a whole lot of options here.

battery 1

2. Here you get the option to enable the Battery saver, set the sleep time, and restrict app’s background process by using the “Force Stop” button.

battery 2SEE ALSO: 12 Cool Android 8.0 Oreo Tricks You Should Know

Android Oreo Common Issues and Their Fixes

The article covers all the major issues reported by users who have installed Android O on their respective devices. Although, there are some other issues too, but since they are not that widely reported, they did not make the cut. If you are also experiencing any such issues which are not on the list, let us know in the comments section below. We will try our best to find their fixes and add them there. If too many of you report the same problem, we will update the article to include the fix.

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  • Mine is different, After installing,the phone network disappeared no outgoing or receiving calls !!

  • Hi! None of these issues apply to me. Since Monday of this week I am using the Elephone Soldier. A rugged outdoor smartphone. It is now night time over here in Germany and all I wanted to do was lower the brightness of the screen to not blind myself while surfing in the dark. And now it is the second night in a row that the screen remains dark and I have to do a hard restart. After turning it back on it boots all the way to where I have to enter the device code I set up for it. I enter the code and it continues booting till I need to enter the SIM PIN and the screen goes dark instantly and I don’t have a chance to enter the PIN. What Can I do. My phone had 30+ % battery life left. More than enough to continue using it but now I can’t. Please help.

    Greetings from Germany


  • LG V20 user here, update has really messed with my gallery. Try to share pic is now a nightmare. If on a social platform such as Snapchat or Kik trying to upload a pic crashes the app, on facebook it says “no pictures or videos located here”. Now you can send one pic at a time from gallery, but that’s it. Talked to Verizon, LG and Google and they all tell me to talk to the other. All kinds of fun.

  • I have issues on my camera after updating to android o, my cam used to have a clear pics now it’s just super sharpened whenever its on HD, and super low quality.

  • I think oreo has wrecked the wifi hotspot/tethering of my swift2X – devices can join the phone’s wifi hotspot – but don’t get internet connectivity. – A right pain in the behind considering I’ve just taken out a plan designed to allow plenty of kindle tethering from the phone when traveling.

    • Same for me. I’ve had to buy a payg sim for data access on other devices until it’s fixed. Has anyone found a solution?

  • After update my Moto Z Force 2 to 8.0.0 the first screen that opens when I wake the phone is the accessibility app. I have tried different things but have been unsuccessful in correcting this. Any others having this issue and if so what can I do?

  • The latest calendar app version is not displaying embedded URLs in the body of meeting invitations, such as links to a Skype session. Previous version of the calendar app did not have this issue. I’m on a Galaxy S8+. Any help appreciated.

  • Having major issues with various apps messing up. The one that gives me the most problems is adding widgets.
    They sometimes error or when on the menu.

    The titles of the different things to add to your screen are all blank.

    The no room available notification will have no text just the horizontal line and the vertical line.

    It will go through without any notifications but won’t actually add them to the screen.

  • Why can’t I set individual notification sounds anymore? I use to have specific sounds for text messages and for app notifications, but now I’ve got nothing!!! I can still set ringtones to people but I can’t set my Facebook Messenger to something that is different from my text messages or really any other alerts!! So very annoyed!!! Having one sound tied to all the possible alerts and messages I get is stupid!!! Oreo sucks!!! You need to fix this ANDROID!!! =(

  • Hello …. Thank you for the helpful information… have you heard of anyone’s gmail message returning after being deleted (prior to the update???) my gmail has 999 msgs! I went back & deleted – they came back again; I went to my settings & changed from “archive” to “delete” deleted all the emails AGAIN… they’re now back… seems to be archived as they’re not ALL in the “inbox” but if I “search” they’re back… Help???? Please????? Thank you!

  • My calendar home screen pop-up notifications have stopped working with this update. All my settings are correct for this to work just as it did before, but now I can only see them on the notifications page which isn’t helpful. I have to train myself to look at those throughout the day instead of seeing a reminder on my screen when I pick up my phone. Very annoying

  • None of my widgets update since the 8.0.0 update: accuweather, clock widget, calendar widget basically useless since the update. Totally frustrating to the point I am looking for new working widgets, but these will be hard to replace. Pain in the @#$%^&*!

    • Same here, widgets don’t work…. why not…. so crazy…. I use them every day. Please fix ASAP!!!

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