Get Google’s Android Justice League Wallpapers on Your Phone

Get Google's Android X Justice League Wallpapers For Your Phone

To commemorate the launch of the new Justice League movie, Google launched a new fun campaign where Android Pay users can collect Android avatars of various Justice League heroes. The Justice League heroes included in the roaster are Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Flash. It’s a fun campaign which will run till December 31st and Android Pay users can collect the heroes in many different attires and outfits.

However, non-Android Pay users are unable to take part in this fun campaign, and since Android Pay has officially launched in only a few countries, that’s a lot of Android users who cannot take part. Well, although we don’t have a solution which will allow non-Android Pay users to collect the heroes, we do have the next best thing.

The official Android Twitter account has just released two Justice League wallpapers for Android users. These are not your usual wallpapers, instead these wallpapers combine the Android mascot with the Justice League superheroes. The best of both worlds, wouldn’t you say? So, if you want them, you can download them from the tweet below:

The only bad thing about the wallpapers is that they are not high-resolution wallpapers and only offer a resolution of 1024*576. Still, after using them on my OnePlus 3, I can surely say that they look really good. So, what are you waiting for? Download and use the wallpapers to join the the Justice League.

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