6 Android Apps to Customize the Notification Center and Status Bar

Customization options on Android has insanely improved over the past few years. We have various launchers, lock screen apps, icon packs, etc. dripping with new features but one aspect of customization is seldom touched by developers & users alike – the notification center.

If you own a Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi or LG device, chances are that you can customize most of them as per your preference. On the other hand, stock Android users are left with what Google has to offer. However, there are some amazing apps, hidden in the vast library of Play Store that let you customize the notification center and status bar. We have found out the best ones and here are 6 Android apps you can use to customize the notification center:

Note: All the apps mentioned below work on non-rooted devices.

1. Material Status Bar Notific

Whether you are a geek or not, you will agree that you have wanted your phone to rock Google’s much-hyped Material Design UI language. We’ve always had custom launchers fulfilling that, but none of them modify the status bar or notification center. Well, Material Status Bar Notific does exactly that. The app lets you change the way your status bar shows information and even alters the notification center to make it look like the one from Samsung’s Touchwiz, which isn’t necessarily bad looking.

You can set the colors in which you want your notification icons to appear and you can also pick colors from a particular image. There’s a Pro version available that fully unlocks the customization options and lets you go crazy in customizing your phone’s status bar & notification center.


Install: (Free) (Pro version $1.49)

2. Snap Swipe Drawer

Snap Swipe Drawer is the best example of efficient utilization of widgets on Android. What this app does is it lets you place widgets in the notification center. So you may think- okay, but how’s that useful? Since you can access the notification center from the top of any app, you can always access your useful widgets while using any other app. It smartly lets you divide your status bar into two parts, one part lets you draw the default notification center and the other part draws the widget drawer.

In essence, this takes multitasking productivity to the next level. Just imagine, you can quickly check your Google Now cards to quench your thirst for news while scoring the highest drift score in Asphalt 8!


There’s a Pro version available that raises the limit on the number of widgets from 3 to unlimited and removes ads as well.

Install: (Free with Prime version at $1.99 in-app purchase)

3. Notification Toggle

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could access your favorite apps like WhatsApp & Facebook from the notification center? Well, the Notification Toggle app lets you create custom shortcuts for all the apps & various device function shortcuts. You are allowed to change the colour of the toggles as per your liking and even create a second row of many other toggles.


You can also add shortcuts like direct dial, favorites and more with the Pro version of the app.

Install: (Free with in-app purchase for the Pro version)

4. Status

You can consider “Status” to be quite similar to the first app featured in this list but it has a few unique features, compared to the first one. Status, as the name suggests, lets you customize the status bar only, with options to change the appearance & position of the clock. It also lets you customize each & every icon on the status bar, ranging from the color of the icons to different designs for the WiFi or battery icons. You can even change the color of the whole status bar as per your liking. Plus, as a bonus, you can use the Android Wear integration to operate the toggles from your smartwatch or fitness tracker. And, the major compelling factor for you to try this out is – it’s free.


Install: (Free)

5. iNoty OS 10 PRO

We might like Android a lot but the truth is, Apple’s iOS is also pretty good. There are a number of Android users that want the iOS-look on their device and if you are specifically looking to get the iOS-like notification center on your device, the iNoty OS 10 Pro brings you exactly that. With the app, you get a full iOS 10 style notification center & control center and all the things you would want to see in them. Plus, you can set a custom background wallpaper for the notification center & even adjust the blur levels on them. Also, you get the Control Center, with all the iOS options and toggles. Well, go for this one if you want to experience the iOS notification center & control center on your Android device.


Install: (Free)

6. Status Bar Shake Opener

If you have an Android smartphone packing a huge display, you might have noticed that reaching for the status bar to pull down the notification center isn’t that easy. There’s this small app, called Status Bar Shake Opener, which deploys the notification center when you shake the device. It’s certainly useful for those who have huge smartphones or minuscule hands. Or who are super lazy. Just shake left to bring it down & shake right to push it back. Simple!


Install: (Free)

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Customize the notification center and status bar with these apps

Enough said, head on to the Play Store and download these apps to customize the notification center on Android.  If you know about any other apps that revamps the look and feel of the notification center or status bar, do write it down in the comments section below.

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