How Google Has Simplified Work Profiles with Android 10

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Android 10 has brought in a lot of new features and improvements to Android. While most of the features are focused on casual users, Google didn’t miss out on improving the experience of business users and enterprises.

First of all, there is a new privacy section in the Settings app of the phone that allows you to view and control all your activities including web & app activity, ads personalisation controls, and location data. When you tap on any of the controls, you can control and tweak the settings based on the profile (Personal or Work).

profile based privacy controls

Another intuitive feature is the support for smart replies for work profiles. This way, business based communications requiring confirmation can be done faster than ever before.

smart reply android 10 work profile

Also, Live Caption, the new feature introduced along with Android 10 that generates captions for any video in real-time will make its way to work apps as well. This will be helpful for a lot of people to keep up with video conference calls and business presentations.

You can also set keyboards separately for personal and work profiles now. You don’t want to be embarrassed by the keyboard predictions of your favorite keyboard that you’ve been using for years in front of your colleagues, do you?

profile based keyboards
Swiftkey Keyboard in Personal Profile (Left) vs Gboard in Work Profile (Right)

The way device updates work has also been changed in Android 10. “We previously gave organizations the ability to freeze device updates for up to 90 days. In Android 10, admins can now push system updates manually from a file, so they can schedule them when devices are idle or to save network bandwidth.”, said James Nugent, product manager at Google in a blog post.

Other improvements include over 50 security and privacy enhancements, control for enterprises to block app installs from unknown sources and new tools for checking the quality of screen locks for improved security.

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