AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 Processors Announced for Business Laptops; Here Are the Details!

AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Processors announced

After unveiling its Ryzen 6000 series processors for laptops and PCs at CES 2022, AMD has now refreshed its Ryzen Pro processors lineup for business-focused laptops. The company has announced an array of new CPUs under its Ryzen Pro 6000 line, which they claim are the world’s most advanced processors for business machines. So, let’s take a look at the details below.

AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 Series CPU Detailed

AMD has introduced six new CPUs under its Ryzen Pro 6000 H-series processors, including H and HS-branded Ryzen 5 Pro, 7 Pro, and 9 Pro CPUs. It has also introduced two new CPUs under the Pro 6000 U series, which includes the Ryzen 5 Pro 6650U and the Ryzen 7 Pro 6850U CPUs. AMD has also introduced the Ryzen Pro 5000-U series CPUs as well.

All the CPUs are based on the Zen 3+ architecture and have been developed on a 6nm node. They promise to deliver 30% improved performance as compared to their predecessors. Amongst the eight new Ryzen Pro 6000-series processors, three come with a 6-core/ 12-threads design, while the others come with an 8-core/ 16-threads design.

Furthermore, the Ryzen Pro 6000 CPUs are paired with AMD’s RDNA 2 built-in graphics to deliver better graphical performance than ever.

AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Processors Announced

According to AMD’s tests, the Ryzen 7 Pro 6850U processor delivers 1.1 times improved performance than its predecessor at 15W TDP and around 1.3 times faster performance at its rated 28W TDP. As for the graphical performance, thanks to the built-in RDNA 2 GPU, the processor can deliver 1.5 times faster graphical speed than the previous CPUs at 15W TDP and 2.1 times faster GPU performance at 28W TDP.

AMD also tested its U-series processors against Intel’s 12th-Gen 28W P-series offerings. The company said that while its new Ryzen Pro 6000-series processors were faster in an array of benchmarking tests, including the Cinebench R23 multi-thread performance, the Intel CPUs delivered faster single-core performance.

As for the battery life, AMD promises the best-in-class battery performance for the new Ryzen Pro CPUs. The company tested an HP EliteBook 865 G9 with a 76Whr battery running with 150 nits of brightness on the MobileMark 2018 benchmarking tool. It delivered 26 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Coming to the security aspects of the new Ryzen Pro 6000 CPUs, they are the first x86 processors to feature built-in Microsoft Pluton, which is a level 2 security platform that protects the laptops against digital attacks and provides higher integration between the hardware and software. Furthermore, the new Ryzen Pro 6000 chips support Windows Autopilot, which lets admins set up new Windows PCs more easily and quickly.

Now, moving on to the business laptops that feature AMD’s latest Ryzen Pro CPUs, partner companies like HP and Lenovo have already announced their EliteBook and ThinkPad Z-series laptops with these latest AMD processors. Apart from HP and Lenovo, however, AMD says that more partner companies will soon come with Ryzen Pro 6000-powered laptops in the market.

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