Alleged Apple A14X Benchmarks Show Higher Scores than the Core i9 MacBook Pro

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We’re just a day out from Apple’s November special event where we are expecting the company to finally unveil its new line of Macs powered by Apple Silicon as promised by the company back in June at WWDC 2020. If you’re not hyped about this development, here’s some more exciting stuff.

Alleged benchmarks of the A14X chipset that’s rumored to be used on the new Macs launching tomorrow have leaked, and things are looking amazing for Apple’s processors. According to the benchmark, the A14X scored 1634 and 7220 points in the single core and multi core tests. In comparison, the A12Z chipset scores 1118 and 4657 respectively, while the newer A14 scores 1583 and 4198 points.

The benchmark also shows the A14X performing considerably better than a 16-inch MacBook Pro with a Core i9 processor, with the Intel chip scoring 1096 in single core and 6869 in the multi core tests.

Considering that this is the chipset we are expecting to see inside the new laptops Apple will be launching tomorrow, things are looking good for the company’s shift from x86 to ARM architectures.

Some reports and rumors suggest that the A14X will be clocked at 1.8GHz with a boost clock of 3.1GHz, making it the first Apple processor to cross the 3GHz mark. Those numbers look like they should be able to provide for a good performing machine.

We are expecting Apple to launch new MacBook Pros, and a new MacBook Air with the new Apple Silicon tomorrow. Stay tuned for our detailed coverage.

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