AI-Generated Trump Speeches Fooled 60% People

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Just when you thought AI would not have a significant influence in politics, an AI generated speeches resembling US President Donald Trump and guess what, 6 out of 10 people could not tell the difference.

Named RoboTrump, the AI tricked the Americans, mainly the supporters of Trump. 1,000 respondents were made to guess if a text was written by Trump or the AI and the correct source of the speech was picked only 40% of the time.

“While Trump’s rambling style probably makes differentiating between real and fake more difficult than it would be for a more eloquent and talented speaker, today’s new natural language generation AI models have reached a tipping point in their ability to generate fake, real-sounding text.”, says the analysis report.

The report notes that younger people are more likely to fall for RoboTrump’s speech. This is quite obvious as even though the youth might be more aware of the advent of AI and its implications, they might not be as politically aware as the older ones. says that almost 43% of people who participated in the test felt more concerned about fake news propaganda than before, which was the whole point of this effort.

“Given that RoboTrump could crank out literally millions to billions of words per day, you can imagine how this technology could be used to manipulate opinion. Bots leveraging this tech could spam blogs, social media posts, etc.”, points out

This is indeed a wakeup call for anyone who believes anything being spread on social media and anywhere else on the internet. The next time you come across a critical opinion that looks suspicious to you, I would recommend you to cross verify it from credible sources instead of blindly believing the agenda.

If you’re interested to take the test yourself, you may do so by visiting here. Take the test and let us know how you did in the comments.

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