AI Designed These T-shirts and They Look Elegant

AI T-shirts

We live in a generation where AI is gradually taking over and making a significant impact in various fields like science, medicine, technology to name a few. A lot of innovations are taking place these days that seemed almost impossible before the advent of AI. Today, we came across a smart startup based on AI that designs t-shirts without involving humans at all.

Yes, you heard that right. Cross & Freckle is an innovative company started by smart minds from New York City that uses AI for designing their t-shirts. You must be wondering how AI could possibly design t-shirts. Well, let’s break it down. The company makes use of open-source datasets of drawings submitted to Google Creative Lab’s Quick, Draw! and then fed this massive dataset to their AI algorithms to come up with hybrid t-shirt designs.

The brand claims that the doodles, brand name, logo, and even the marketing copy have been generated by AI. Sounds quite impressive, doesn’t it?

According to the AI, the company’s vision towards this approach of t-shirt design is to embrace our in-borne skills. “We started this t-shirt company to promote our unique culture of design that’s been handed down ever since we were kids. We do what we do best — we’ve never turned our backs on our craft. In order to be able to make t-shirts, we take a very specific approach to every design we choose, from typography on the front, to color to design on the back”, reads their website. And yeah, I never thought a day would come where I would quote the words of an AI either.

People at Cross & Freckle have stated that the idea behind this startup arose after spotting “thisxdoesnotexist” websites on Product Hunt, a website that serves as a platform to discover new products. Currently, the brand has 4 designs(dollar slice, pigeon pal, lil doggo, subway rat) and 2 color variants(white and black) for sale. The material used is cotton and the t-shirts are priced at $25. Take a look at the designs made by AI below.

AI Designed These T-shirts and They Look Elegant

So, what do you think of these designs? Will you consider buying a t-shirt designed by AI in the near future? Let us know in the comments.

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