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Give Your Site An Extra Boost On A2 Hosting SwiftServers

We’ve recently discovered the web hosting provider A2 Hosting and couldn’t wait another moment to share this  gem with you. From a new blog to a full scale eCommerce site, A2 Hosting provides a complete platform of high speed hosting solutions. Boost your sites’ performance by hosting on their ready to go SwiftServer platform featuring solid state drives (SSDs).

The speed boost results of hosting on their fine tuned SwiftServer SSDs speak for themselves. Compare the page load speed of a WordPress blog hosted on A2 Hosting’s SwiftServer SSDs compared to a traditional host. While traditional hosting takes considerable time to load a single WordPress page, sites hosted on A2 Hosting’s SSDs load up to 300% faster!

A2 Hosting doesn’t back away from their competition either. They’ve publicly run head to head speed tests against some of their largest competitors (HostGator, GoDaddy and Blue Host to name a few) and they come out significantly faster each time.

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So why should you care about the page load speed of your site? Think about a site you’ve recently visited that takes forever to load. Did you stick around and wait for the site to load? Probably not. Page load speed impacts everything from your bounce rate to your conversion rate if you’re running an eCommerce site. Your conversion rate drops significantly for each second delay it takes for your site to load. Why stick with your generic host when affordable, fast hosting from A2 Hosting is right at your fingertip?

Are most of your customers from Europe? A2 Hosting is based in the US, but they also have a European data center. That means A2 Hosting’s speedy services can be accessed globally with SSD-based servers located in both Europe and US.

In addition to speed, their service is backed by expertise from being in business for over 10 years. That’s an eternity for a Web Hosting company!  With experience comes the amazing benefit of website stability and reliability on their rock solid platform. No matter which of their services you use, A2 Hosting offers a 99.9% guarantee. They even publicly post the up-time statistics for each of their servers.

Enjoy their Server Rewind Backups, HackScan protection and their CloudFlare CDN for free. Each of their Web Hosting accounts also includes Unlimited Resources. They cut out the hassle of setting up popular software thanks to their No Click Software setups. You can choose to have the most popular software like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla auto-installed to your account during the registration process. You also get the added benefit of around the clock technical support from their Guru Crew staff.

While we checked out A2 Hosting’s Web Hosting packages, they also offer a range of other solutions. Their product line includes Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

They also offers two types of dedicated hosting; Flex Dedicated Servers and Managed Flex Dedicated Server. Each of their solutions also includes their SSD speed boost option.

If you don’t believe our word that A2 Hosting can significantly enhance the performance of your site, you’re bound to believe at least one of the software providers that trust A2 Hosting enough to recommend them to their own users. That impressive list includes Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, CMS Made Simple, Elgg, Drupal, Zend, Mantis, ownCloud, CubeCart, CS Cart, and many, many more.

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