This $9 Smartwatch is Also a Smartphone

Leehur V8 feat

A smartwatch? A smartphone? How about both? This smartwatch, which is shockingly also resonates a smartphone, is available for only a price of $9 (Rs.640). The Leehur V8 is a smartphone that sits on your wrist and it is probably the cheapest of all. Although the product is a smartwatch, it has some basic functionalities of a smartphone.

Now talking about basic functions, you might be asking can it make a phone call? And the answer is: Yes, as long as you have a 2G-SIM card which is compatible with the device. You can make a phone call with the help of the in-built microphone and speakers of the smartwatch. But do not expect high-quality voice calls. It is a $9 smartwatch-cum-smartphone for god’s sake.

Now, the device can connect to any smartphone like a traditional smartwatch via Bluetooth 3.0. You need to pair the watch with your phone like any other smartwatch. It also has a 1.3MP camera built right on top of the watch face. This enables video calls via WhatsApp.

Apart from these features, it has all the functionality of a smartwatch like a step counter, a heart-rate monitor, sleep monitor, alarm clock, and music player. You can also control the camera of your smartphone with the watch.

As for the display, the device has an IPS LCD panel of 240×240 resolution with capacitive touch. The size of the display is 1.22″. The device features a 380mAh battery and the company claims that the watch can last up to 7 days on standby. But, I will take this claim with a grain of salt before testing it out physically.

Among other smartphone features, it has a web browser which comes pre-loaded. But I really cannot say how the browsing experience will be on this device. As the screen is so small, no adult can type the names of websites with their fat fingers with the on-screen keyboard. Apart from the web browser, the watch also comes with Facebook and Twitter pre-installed.

Leehur V8

Now for the price tag of just $9, this is obviously a smartwatch with a lot of gimmicks. But do not expect to rock this as your smartphone replacement. You can rock it on your wrist just to spark conversation with individuals about the device. Nothing more.

If you want to check it out and eventually buy it, head here. Also, let us know about your thoughts down in the comments.

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