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Zomato Gold Now Applies to Food Delivery as Well

zomato gold delivery

Are you a Zomato Gold user? Well, it’s time to rejoice as the much-awaited expansion of Zomato Gold has finally happened today. Zomato has announced that it’s rolling out the “controversial” Zomato Gold benefits program for food deliveries. Yes, the same benefits program which lets you avail 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks when you go out to eat has now become available when you order in.

Benefits on Delivery

Existing and new Zomato Gold users will now see a new option that shows them a list of Gold partners that offer benefits on home delivery. The company says that it has already got over 13,000 restaurants onboard to provide you Gold benefits when you order food online. And well, it went live today on September 21, which is great.

zomato gold delivery benefits

Now you must be wondering, would you now get 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks while ordering food online as well? That’s not the case here. Zomato Gold on food delivery is defined to work in a slightly different manner. With this new benefit, the company will make your second-highest priced item in your order free. This means if you order, let’s say a pizza (Rs. 200), garlic breadsticks (Rs. 100), and a coke bottle (Rs. 50), then the Rs. 100 garlic breadsticks will cost you zero rupees in your delivery order.

The minimum order amount for availing Zomato Gold benefits on delivery is Rs. 300 and you will get discounts up to Rs. 300, which is pretty great. You can use Gold for delivery only once per day, which is understandable.

Additionally, Zomato has updated its “fair usage policies” for Zomato Gold users to make their benefits programs attractive to not just users, but its restaurant partners as well. I, however, believe that you are not going to like it. Gold benefits can now be unlocked just once a day and only two Gold unlocks can be used per table when you go out to eat, even if there are more

Zomato Gold: Here’s How it Works

If you are a Zomato Gold member, you will see a pop-up in the app today notifying you that an upgrade for your membership is available. Yeah, it’s for Zomato Gold now being offered on food deliveries and you need to tap on the “Upgrade for Free” button to start using the perks it offers.

Zomato Gold Now Applies to Food Delivery as Well

Now, if you want to view all the restaurants that offer Gold on deliveries, you will see a dedicated card at the top of the “Delivery” section (or you can jump to the Gold tab as well). And well, as the screenshot below says, you can get one dish free on a minimum order of Rs. 300 using this benefit.

zomato gold 2

Once you’ve selected dishes worth over Rs 300, then Zomato will show you an “Unlock Gold” button at the bottom of the menu. You can tap it to see the bill instantly go down based on what you picked – making the second-highest item free of cost. You can check this out in the screenshot below:

Zomato Gold Now Applies to Food Delivery as Well

I know we all want even more discounts, so your next question might be – would promo codes work alongside the Zomato Gold delivery benefit? Well, the answer should be very obvious. But still, it’s a NO and you can only use either of the two. Zomato will prompt it when you tap the “Apply Promo Code” option.

To round it up, Zomato Gold now becoming available for food delivery is surely a win for users who rely on the food delivery app for daily meals. But, it will be interesting to see how the service fares in the long term, especially since many restaurants have criticized Zomato Gold and pulled out from the program (like the recently launched Infinity Dining benefit, which has now been shuttered) in the past due to surmounting losses.

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