Wuthering Waves Reroll Guide: Which Banners & Characters You Should Pull

In Short
  • Wuthering Waves will feature seven 5-star characters on release — Jiyan, Yinlin, Calcharo, Verina, Encore, Lingyang, and Jianxin.
  • Players will need to create multiple dummy accounts before release to reroll for the perfect account as the game doesn't have guest login.
  • Rerolling will take roughly 1 - 1.5 hours roughly per account. The tutorial and early story to unlock the Convene (banners) is around 35-40 minutes long.

Wuthering Waves is releasing tomorrow and everyone wants to get a head start to conquering the new gacha game. Starting characters are very important in gacha games, as they set the initial tone of your experience. But, getting the character you want is not always possible in such games. That’s where rerolling comes in play, allowing players to roll for the perfect account. Here is a complete reroll guide for Wuthering Waves, so that you can achieve your perfect account and enjoy the game.

How to Reroll in Wuthering Waves

Reroll Characters in Wuthering Waves
Image Courtesy: Edited by Sanmay Chakrabarti

Rerolling in Wuthering Waves is quite daunting as the game doesn’t have a guest login feature. So, players will need to create multiple dummy email accounts, if they want to reroll and play through the tutorial each time with the new account to unlock the character banners. Before you try to reroll your account, read this guide on the Wuthering Waves pity system first.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reroll accounts in Wuthering Waves:

  • First, make sure to create a number of dummy email accounts and pre-register the game from all of them, so that you don’t miss out on the pre-register rewards.
  • After the release of the game, login with one of the new email accounts.
  • Play through the tutorial (35-40 minutes) and early story to unlock the Convene (banners) in Wuthering Waves.
  • Use the acquired resources to pull on the banners for your favorite characters.
  • If you don’t pull the characters you want, log out of the account and log in with another dummy account.
  • Repeat all the steps until you roll the perfect account.

Which Banners to Pull During Reroll on Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves Using Skills
Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

On release, Wuthering Waves will have six types of banners on release

  • The Beginner Convene
  • The Beginner Choice Convene
  • The Character Permanent Convene
  • The Weapon Permanent Convent
  • The Limited Character Convene
  • the Limited Weapon Convene.

The Lustrous Tides you receive from the pre-registration rewards cannot be used on the limited convenes. Other than that, you should only use Astrites on the limited character convenes and not waste them on the other banners.

When rerolling, focus on pulling for the character you want, and don’t try pulling for weapons. In most gacha games, it is not worth pulling for weapons on the release, as you need to build multiple teams of strong characters first to tackle the end game. Also, the free weapons in the Wuthering Waves are good enough on the release.

Now, here is how you need to pull for the banners when rerolling on Wuthering Waves:

  • Use the 20x Lustrous Tides from the pre-registration rewards to pull on the Beginner Convene after finishing the early story and unlocking it. Try pulling for a 5-star character on the 20th, which only has 0.8 chance.
  • Next, use 50x Lustrous Tides to pull for the selected character from the beginners choice convene. You are guaranteed to get the selected character, but try to get them within 50 Lustrous Tides.
  • Next, use the remaining Lustrous Tides from the missions to pull another 5-star character you want on the Character Permanent Convene. Keep rerolling if you fail.

Finally, once you have achieved three 5-star characters as desired from the normal banners, use your Astrites to pull on the limited banner. I won’t recommend rerolling based on the limited banners, because you will lose out on the two characters you wanted from the standard banners.

Which Characters Should You Pull for in Wuthering Waves

Calcharo Wuthering Waves
Calcharo (Image Courtesy: YouTube/Wuthering Waves)

Wuthering Waves will feature seven 5-star characters on release, five in the standard banner and two in the limited banner. As rerolling is more focused on the standard banner, you will need to make a choice between Calcharo, Verina, Encore, Lingyang, and Jianxin.

All five characters are pretty strong in their own regards, but they have very different team roles and playstyles. We have already made a guide on which character you should prioritize on release, so read it before you make up your mind.

Other than that, check out our guide on all Wuthering Waves characters to learn about the best 4-star characters to build your team around on release.

Is Rerolling Worth It on Wuthering Waves

No, rerolling is not worth it on Wuthering Waves in my opinion. The lack of Guest login makes it highly inconvenient to reroll, and then you will have to play the early story each time for 35-40 minutes, it just doesn’t appear viable. Even if you do plan to reroll, I suggest you only try it a couple of times and just settle for a good enough team, even if they are not the team you desired.

The game is just releasing and players will have a ton of time to make their perfect team. Save your efforts for the future characters, as we can definitely expect some great options with the versions following the release.

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