Where to Watch All Ninja Kamui Anime Episodes

In Short
  • Ninja Kamui is an original anime series that premiered exclusively on Adult Swim.
  • The anime series is available to watch on Adult Swim, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

Ninja Kamui is one of the best action anime to premiere in 2024. The show grabs your interest with its amazing fight sequences and jaw-droppingly good animation in the first episode itself. However, despite flaunting a great story and impressive animation, the series has remained underrated, and not many anime fans know that a masterpiece series like Ninja Kamui exists.

That being said, if you’ve just heard about this anime show and wondering how you can experience its brilliance, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Watch Ninja Kamui: Streaming Websites

Reaper from Ninja Kamui
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Adult Swim

Produced by E&H Production and Sola Entertainment, Ninja Kamui is an original anime that is exclusively available to watch on Adult Swim. The streaming platform releases new episodes on its Toonami block.

Apart from that, you can watch Ninja Kamui on Amazon through the Max subscription. However, this option is only available in limited regions. Finally, you can also watch the anime if you have a Hulu subscription since the streaming platform lets you access Adult Swim’s library. Thus, here is the list of streaming websites to watch Ninja Kamui:

Adult Swim releases both English subbed and dubbed versions of Ninja Kamui, and both versions are equally good. However, unlike Crunchyroll and Netflix, Adult Swim is not readily available outside of the U.S.

Despite being operational for several years, Adult Swim is still unavailable in many regions. That is why it’s incredibly difficult for fans to get access to Adult Swim’s library and watch exclusive shows like Ninja Kamui. The same goes for Amazon’s Max subscription and Hulu, as these two options are limited to only a few regions.

Regardless, you can still watch Ninja Kamui on Adult Swim or the other two platforms, even if they aren’t available in your region. You can use a good VPN service to access these platforms and watch anime like Ninja Kamui legally. There are several paid and free VPN options that let you stream TV shows and movies from other regions, so head to the guide linked above.

How Many Episodes Are There in Ninja Kamui Season 1?

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Adult Swim

Adult Swim officially confirmed that Season 1 of Ninja Kamui will feature a total of 12 episodes. Also, it is a single-cour season, so if the show gets renewed for more episodes, it will return with a season 2 and not Season 1 Part 2.

As of writing this post, nine episodes of the season have already been released and are available to watch on Adult Swim. The season will eventually come to an end with the release of Episode 12 on Sunday, April 28, 2024.

So, we have three more Ninja Kamui weekends left to savor the action and bloodthirst. After that, we’ll have no choice but to hope that Adult Swim renews the series for a second season.

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