WhatsApp recently rolled out two beta updates which brought multiple new features such as ‘High Priority Notifications’ and the ability to download your data report. The company has now released a new beta update which lets admin restrict groups giving them more control over who can join in.

The latest update (version 2.18.132), now available in the beta program, allows admins to set permissions to prevent a group’s regular members from editing group info. We tested the feature on the new WhatsApp beta build, and here’s how it works:

The update brings permissions control to admins with the Group settings options in the group info menu. Here Edit group info lets admins specify who can edit group title, description and photo. In previous versions, any group member could change these.

Selecting the Only admins option restricts permissions, and regular members will see an error message when they try to change a group title, description or photo.

However, if the admin chooses the All participants option, regular members will be able to change any of the details mentioned above.

Creating and removing admins is also easier now. Group settings also gets an Edit group admins page, which is like a dashboard for the original admin to create new admins and revoke admin permissions from any user.