Weird X Glitch Removes Some Tweets Made Before 2014

This image represents the former Twitter logo and the new Twitter logo projected via two different smartphones

If you have been keeping tabs on the microblogging site Twitter, I am sure you are no stranger to the myriad of changes the platform is going through, both inside and outside. From rebranding the site to apparently removing your ability to block people on it, the Elon Musk-led platform has made headlines in the recent past in some way or the other. And now, in a bizarre turn of events, the microblogging site has seemingly removed posts made before 2014 from the platform. Continue reading to know more about this latest X shenanigan.

X Wipes Out Tweets Made Before 2014

This issue was first brought to light by Brazilian vtuber Danilo Takagi, who highlighted the issue via an X post (formerly tweet). According to him, the posts that were made before 2014 on the platform, have mysteriously disappeared from his X account. The same was confirmed by technologist Tom Coates who also made a tweet to bring this issue to light. And slowly afterward, the bug gained traction as more and more users started noticing the same happening with their accounts.

Apparently, any tweet posted before 2014 containing an image or links that were embedded using Twitter’s built-in URL shortener, has ceased to exist on the platform. Although this glitch seems to have spared videos posted on the platform before 2014, it has converted all embedded YouTube links into plain text with the URL that doesn’t work.

And, as Coates pointed out, this glitch has also removed the most retweeted X post ever with 2 million shares, belonging to the 2014 Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres. In the same way, a significant post made by Barack Obama embracing the First Lady after his 2012 re-election also vanished from the platform. However, shortly afterward, the aforementioned posts were restored.

As of now, there has been no public acknowledgment of this issue from either Elon Musk or the current X CEO, Linda Yaccarino.

If you are one of the affected users’ we urge you to wait for the restoration process to happen itself. Meanwhile, since this is a developing story, share your thoughts on this issue in the comment section below, and do not forget to let us know if you are one of the affected users or not.

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