Have you ever needed a calculator for performing a very specific task that would otherwise require either a lot of thinking, an endless string of formulae, or just a little bit of your time that you’re finding inconvenient to give? Well, I have some good news for all of you.

Omni Calculator is a website that has just one purpose on the internet — have calculators for as many different applications as is possible. As a startup, Omni (according to the company’s description of itself) “exists to help you make better, informed decisions.”

As boring and putting-off as calculators sound, the website does a great job of presenting calculators in a neat, organized fashion so you don’t get overwhelmed at the sheer amount of calculators that are on there — 379 calculators to be precise.

The 379 calculators Omni has, are spread over a wide-range of fields, from Games and Fitness to Maths and Physics. So anytime you need a calculator for a specific task, you should definitely give these guys a shot.

I tried out a bunch of these calculators including a ‘Projectile Motion Calculator’ under the Physics section, a ‘Percentage Calculator’ from the Math section, and a ‘Boiling Point Calculator’ from the Chemistry section. I also tried out the ‘Pokemon Go Candy’ calculator, but I’ve not really played that game to know whatever that calculator was trying to tell me.

The calculators do make it very easy to get quick calculations about things that would otherwise take far too long to accomplish — something that is reinforced by the company’s claims about seeing incredible growth in the user-base ever since it first launched.