This Wallpaper Manager Lets You Adjust Blur and Extract Colors

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On Android, while there are a lot of wallpaper apps that offer you a collection of wallpapers, not many wallpaper managers exist and you’re probably stuck with the default wallpaper manager your phone offers. Well, not anymore. Enter My Wall, a wallpaper manager that lets you tweak your wallpaper to your preference.

My Wall wallpaper manager extracts the colors from your wallpaper and shows you the color codes. It then categorizes them into dominant color, light vibrant color, vibrant color, dark vibrant color, light muted color, muted color, and dark muted color. You can view the light and dark color distribution in a pie chart. There is an option to export the palette of colors in a CSV file as well.

Fancy a little blur on your wallpaper? My Wall app lets you add a blur effect to your wallpaper. There is a slider to set the intensity of the blur to your liking. You can apply a grayscale or offset filter to your wallpaper and save it anytime you want by tapping on the Save button present in the app.

While the app works well for the wallpaper you have set, I hope the developer adds support to import new potential wallpaper images to the app so that users can edit and set wallpaper from the app itself.

It is worth mentioning that the app developer has managed to keep the app light at just 2MB while following material design language. The app is available for free and does not contain ads. Check out the app from the link below and let us know if you found this helpful in the comments.

Download My Wall – Wallpaper Manager (Android)

VIA XDA-Developers
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