Valorant Map Sunset: Map Guide, Tips & Tricks, and More

Riot Games does not disappoint us when it comes to showcasing new content in-game. During the Valorant Champions 2023 that ended with EG’s win, Riot Games posted a trailer of the new Sunset map coming to Valorant. In this trailer, we see Cypher and Deadlock talking about an underground intervention. This was confirmed when Valorant released an in-game player card where the place in the card looked like LA. After one more tease of Gekko’s wingman video, Riot Games finally released the gameplay trailer of the new Valorant map Sunset.

Sunset has the potential to be the most commonly picked map in Valorant by professional teams. Let us guide you with some important tips and crazy tricks that will make your experience on this coast city-based map better.

Valorant Sunset Map Overview

Sunset Release Date and Location

Sunset was officially released on August 29, 2023, in Episode 7 Act 2. The map joined the updated Breeze map in Valorant and replaced Fracture and Pearl. In the initial update, players can play on the Sunset mode game in Valorant which is a swiftplay mode.

The 10th map in Valorant is located in Los Angeles, California, according to the visuals, textures, and art on the walls on the map. There are shops, cars, and a basketball course too. Overall, the map does justice to the coastal city of the USA visually and will be a great constant map on the competitive scene, just like Ascent. Sunset serves a similar approach as Ascent.

Sunset Minimap Layout Overview

The map is simple and has no gimmicks like teleporters, ziplines, or rotating doors. Sunset is similar to Valorant’s map Ascent in terms of layout. The sites connect directly to the spawns and mid. Moreover, there are two breakable doors on both sites, similar to Ascent. The A site is wide and gunfight-friendly, whereas the B site is more congested and filled with a lot of corners that you can expect players to camp with a shorty.

The back of B site has a boba shop that connects with the Defender spawn and the Mid Top. On the other side, the A site has an additional Elbow spot that connects A main to A Alley behind the A site. The map appears to be mid-heavy. The Sunset map size is small on rotation from site A to site B while on the defending side.

Overall, the Sunset map is clean and focused on the gunfight. The design is minimal and 3 lane approach makes it very easy to adapt. Some professional players are already calling Sunset the Ascent 2.0 map.

Valorant Map Sunset Callouts

Let us have a look at the common and important callouts in the new Sunset map in Valorant. Follow the images we have attached below for a better understanding of the callouts:

Sunset A site Callouts

A site in the Sunset map looks unique with a lot of corners and exits. With that being said, here are the important A site callouts in Sunset:

  • A Link
  • A Green Boxes
  • CT
  • A Elbow

Sunset Mid Callouts

The Sunset Mid is a very important position on the map. The callouts in Valorant map Sunset’s mid are simple.

  • B Door
  • Mid Pillar
  • Mid Box
  • Mid Tiles

Sunset B site Callouts

The B site in the Sunset map revolves around a giant pillar. The important callouts in the B site are:

  • B Stairs
  • B Pillar
  • B Top/ Platform
  • B Boba

Best Agents for Sunset Map in Valorant

There are a lot of corners on the map, and that is why agents like Breach or Sova can be crucial Valorant agents in your comp. They can provide quick info or flashes to overload any site. On the controllers’ side agents, it is the best Harbor map in existence. The sites are really small and all the openings are adjacent to Harbors Cascade ability. If you can pick a Viper with it, double controller composition is the best in Sunset map.

After sorting out initiators and controllers, it is time for the sentinels and duelists. With Jett being weak in this patch, it is always your best bait to go with the Raze on a map like this. Sunset consists of close angles and corners. That is the best situation for a Raze. You can also go for Yoru if your flash game is nice. Utilize your flashes with Yoru and you can do wonders. On the sentinels, you can pick Sage with both eyes closed. Sage is perfect for the Sunset map right now among all the Valorant agents. She can provide off-angle walls or even slow down enemies in close corners. Here is a recap of the agents viable on the Sunset map:

  • Breach
  • Sova
  • Harbor
  • Viper
  • Raze
  • Yoru
  • Sage

Sunset Map Tactics and Strategies on Valorant

Sunset is a defending-friendly map. The rotation on the defender side is fast and easier compared to the attackers. Let us have a look at some cool strategies, tactics, tips & tricks on the Sunset map.

Rush B (Overloading B site)

If you look at the Sunset maps overview, the A site and Mid has two possible entry points. In that case, B site has only one opening. This can cause the defending side to put only one agent on the B site for defensive actions. As an attacking side, you can identify this situation and overload a full attack on the B site and control it. Once you enter the B site, Take control of the B Boba and the Mid Doors. This will shut down any rotation possibilities by the enemies.

Mid Control & Pushing Doors

As mentioned already the B site in the Sunset map is weaker than the A site. Sometimes the enemies might bring an extra guard to this site. In such a scenario, the Mid will be weak and easy to take control of. If you push Mid with an aggressive approach it is easy to get control of Courtyard and the Doors.

Once you take control of Mid, push through the Doors and lock it behind you. After that, you can take control of the site and Boba. This will deny enemies rotation through Mid or CT.

Wall Controllers (Harbor-Viper) Tactics

The best way to win in Sunset Map is to get the right controllers. Both A and B sites are smaller than usual Valorant maps. This allows a good Viper or Harbor wall to cut down the site easily. Alongside that, you can also use a Viper orb or Harbors cascade to block off additional vision. Make sure to hit the B site mostly. If you cut off the B Platform from the lower B site with a wall, it will be hard for enemies to push through Boba. It is a great tactic and can get you countless hours of Sunset victories.

Using the Vents and Odd Angles

The boxes in the Sunset map are not the usual height as Valorant’s typical box heights. This allows you to jump on multiple boxes on the map for additional elevation. Catch enemies off-guard with the odd angle peeks.

You can also use the vents and corner as leverage for flashes and grenades or even Sage wall peeks. This trick can surprise enemies as they will not expect such spots. Make sure you do not use the same tricks again and again in the same match.

Lurk and Rat Strategies in Sunset Map

Lurking is not a recommended strategy in Valorant because your team gets outnumbered while you grab some popcorn and coke to reach the site and watch their graves. However, in Sunset the odds are ever in your favor. As the rotation route is smaller and there are lots of corners to hide, you can always pick a Viper or Cyper and go on an adventure. Make sure you do not overdo the lurking. Cut the enemy rotations and embrace the rat strategy.

A bonus tip, if you want to get rid of a lurker, is to always use flash or utilities before peeking an angle. Make sure you have traps or alarm bots in the right places. Also, have a good read of the opponent’s gameplay style as it will make you understand if enemies will have a lurker in their team.

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