Valorant’s New Indian Agent Harbor: Origin, Abilities, and Release Date

After months of leaks, speculations, and fan-made concepts, Valorant is finally bringing an Indian agent to the game. And from everything we have seen so far, he might be one of the most game-changing agents this year. Going by the name of Harbor in Valorant, this new agent boasts a utility kit featuring water-based abilities, one of which can even trap bullets. With that, chalo, let’s explore everything that Harbor brings to the table in Valorant, along with his origins and the release date.

Valorant Indian Agent Harbor (2022)

Valorant’s newest agent has a ton of fancy tricks up his sleeves. To make sure you understand them easily, we have divided our guide into several sections. Use the table below to learn about Harbor’s abilities, the agent contract, and more.

New Indian Agent in Valorant

Continuing the expansion of its inclusive roaster, Valorant is bringing an agent from India to the game. As per the game’s lore, Harbor’s real name is Varun Batra, and he is from India. On his last mission for Realm, his former employer, Batra was betrayed by a senior team member while looking for an artifact in Mumbai. This is the same artifact that Varun Batra discovered and gained the water-bending powers from, turning him into Harbor.

Unfortunately for him, the teammate who betrayed Batra informed Realm that he stole the artifact. Following that, Realm has been after Batra, trying to get their hands on his powers. During one such encounter between Realm operatives and Batra, he is saved by Brimstone, who then welcomes him to Valorant. Now, as Harbor, he is helping Valorant Protocol take on Realm and agents from the other earth.

Valorant Harbor: Abilities

Expanding on his origin story, Harbor has water-based abilities. He is a controller agent, so his strengths are focused on taking over and controlling a site instead of combat gameplay. His toolkit has the following abilities:

  • High Tide
  • Cove
  • Cascade
  • Reckoning

High Tide (E)

High Tide allows you to equip a wall of water which, when fired, creates a tall and long water barrier that looks similar to Phoenix’s wall of fire. This wall spawns in the direction you are facing and even goes through walls and other obstacles. Any enemy that passes through this wall gets slowed down temporarily.

If you hold the fire button, you can guide the route of the wall’s formation and even curve it multiple times. Currently, all the other walls in games are generally straight lines, the only exception being Phoenix’s wall, which can have a slight curve. Lastly, if you use the right click (alt-fire button) while bending the wall, it stops on its track and ends there.

  • Cost: Free
  • Charge: Single (Recharges in 40 seconds)

Cove (Q)

The Cove ability is the first disposable shield in Valorant. When fired, it creates a bullet-proof smoke shield on impact. You can use the fire button to throw it as a faraway point and the alt-fire button for an underhand throw. Enemies can directly walk through the water cove, just like any in-game smoke.

The cove dome stops impact from all friendly and enemy bullets. Moreover, it also blocks bullet-like abilities, including Jet’s knives and Chamber‘s special bullets. Though, projectiles like Sova’s arrows can enter it like any other smoke. Not to forget, to break the cove, you have to deal damage equivalent to 10 or so Vandal bullets. Otherwise, it stays up for around 10-12 seconds.

Note: At the moment, we are unsure if this ability also blocks line-up-based abilities like Viper’s “snakebite” and ultimates like Sova’s “hunter’s fury”. More testing is needed to learn about the same, and it might change before the agent comes out of beta.

  • Cost: 350
  • Charge: Single

Cascade (C)

Valorant’s new agent Harbor has a bunch of unique abilities, and Cascade is the most visual among the bunch. This ability allows you to equip a wall of water, which flows like a wave when fired. While flowing, the wave can pass through walls and any other physical obstacles with ease.

After flowing for a short distance, the wave stops and acts like a comparatively narrow wall. If an enemy passes through the wave, they get slowed down for about 2 seconds.

While the wave is flowing down, you can reuse this ability’s button to stop it in its track. Then the wave acts like a temporary wall whenever it stops. Unlike the Cove ability, all abilities and bullets pass through Cascade without any difficulty.

  • Cost: 150
  • Charge: Single

Reckoning (X) – Ultimate Ability of Harbor

Reckoning is the ultimate ability of Indian agent Harbor in Valorant, and you need seven ultimate points to unlock it. Like Fade or Breach’s ultimates, Harbor’s Reckoning is also an area-of-effect ability that affects all agents in the target area. This ability can detect the location of an enemy, so they face its impact irrespective of the height they are standing at.

When used, Reckoning allows Harbor to create a geyser pool around himself which then stuns players. The stun-based strike comes three times during the ultimate, and it targets all enemies present in the area. If the enemy is stunned, their vision is heavily compromised, and they also lose their sense of movement.

Fortunately, the enemies are warned by the presence of a circle around them before the stun hits. So if the situation permits, players can quickly dodge it.

Cost: 7 Ult Points

Harbor’s Agent Contract

Much like any other agent in Valorant, you can unlock certain rewards by completing activities in Harbor’s contract. By doing so, you can unlock the following in-game items:

  • 1 Gun Buddy
  • 1 Sherrif Skin
  • 2 Titles
  • 2 Player Cards
  • 3 Sprays

When is Harbor Coming to Valorant

As revealed in the Harbor’s gameplay trailer, the new Valorant agent will go live with Episode 5 Act 3, which will reach players across the globe on October 18th, 2022. Though, the players with a PB account in North America can beta test the new agent right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be the 21st agent in Valorant?

Varun Batra, aka Harbor, is the 21st agent in Valorant. He’s an ex-Realm operative with water-based abilities.

Where is the new Valorant character from?

Varun Batra, Valorant’s new agent, is from India.

How long does an act last Valorant?

Each act of Valorant lasts for around two months. The next act will come out on October 18th, bringing a new Indian agent named Harbor to the game.

Who is the voice actor for Harbor in Valorant?

As of writing this article, Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, haven’t revealed the voice actor for Harbor. Though, following the footsteps of the official teasers, we expect them to bring some Hindi voice lines to the game too.

Play Harbor in Valorant

With that, you are now ready to play and master the new agent Harbor as soon as it drops. However, as per early reviews, this agent might go through a set of changes before finding a spot in the game. Several players are deeming it underwhelming, at least for solo queue. While others claim that Harbor might be the most overpowered agent to date. Such mixed reactions were last seen with the release of Chamber in Valorant. Anyways, what do you think about Harbor in Valorant? Are his abilities overpowered?

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