EU Could Finally Make USB Type-C a Standard for Devices Next Week

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For years, we have heard about USB Type-C becoming a standard for smartphones, earphones, and many more devices with the European Union constantly pushing the move. But, it’s 2022 and there hasn’t been a conclusion to this endeavor. This might possibly change as the EU is reportedly all set to finalize the charging norm across the globe. Here’s the recent update.

iPhones with USB Type-C Coming Soon?

A recent report by Reuters reveals that the EU lawmakers and the EU countries will be holding a meeting on June 7, which will most likely conclude the proposal of adopting USB Type-C for devices. This is expected to be in favor of USB Type-C. If made official, smartphones, headphones, and even tablets will have to start featuring a USB Type-C port for charging.

The report reads, “The trilogue next Tuesday will be the second and likely the final one between EU countries and EU lawmakers on the topic, an indication of a strong push to get a deal done, the people said.

It is said that the meeting could also discuss the possibility of including laptops in the list of devices supporting the standard USB Type-C. While this proposal, if passed, will be primarily for wired charging, the EU wants to include wireless charging too and aims to “harmonize” it by 2025. Although, the EU countries want a longer period for this change due to technical reasons, of course.

USB -C for all our devices sounds like a feasible option for saving bucks, getting rid of the hassle of keeping multiple cables, and then there’s the e-waste bit too that will benefit the environment in the long run. While the EU seems pretty eager about making USB Type-C a standard for all, it remains to be seen if the said meeting actually takes a positive turn. And if it does, we don’t when would OEMs finally adopt it for all their devices.

However, this decision could mean some trouble for Apple as the company has always opposed the decision under the garb of reasons like how this will “stifle innovation and produce heaps of electronic waste.” The company has been using its proprietary Lightning charger for its devices but past reports have hinted at it succumbing to what the tech world wants to follow and ship its future iPhones with a USB Type-C port. The iPhone 15 is most likely to be the first one.

Whatever the case is, we will be updating you on this. So, watch out for further details and so share your thoughts on the standardization of USB-C in the comments below.

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