tweet scheduling featured

You Can Now Schedule Tweets Straight from the Web App

tweet scheduling featured

Twitter has today started rolling out a tweet-scheduling feature to its web app. The feature makes it possible for users to schedule tweets without having to use third party services, or the Twitter-owned, but not very popular tool Tweetdeck.

Scheduling Tweets

If you want to schedule tweets, you can simply start composing a new tweet on the Twitter web app. At the bottom, you should see a calendar icon with a clock face in it. Clicking on it will let you select the date and time for posting your tweet.

Up until now, users depended on third party services for scheduling tweets. Tweetdeck also offers a tweet scheduling feature, but it’s not something a lot of people use very frequently. It’s definitely nice to see Twitter bring in a tool like this to the regular web app for the platform.

Tweet Drafts

Apart from scheduling tweets, Twitter is also adding a new ‘drafts’ feature to Twitter web. With this, users can choose to save their unsent tweets as drafts and finish them later. This is a great way to ensure you don’t lose a thought if it comes at a time when you’re not ready to tweet it out. I don’t have access to the feature on the web app yet, so this might be a limited or phased roll out. However, according to a tweet by Twitter, the feature works pretty much how you expect. You can click on the ‘cross’ icon while composing a tweet and you will get the option to discard it or save it as a draft. 

This will likely prove to be a nice feature for a lot of people. However, the feature will not sync your tweets between the web app and the mobile app. So drafts made on the mobile app will remain on mobile, and those on the web app will remain on the web.

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