Xiaomi’s Twitter Poll Disappears After MIUI Loses to Android One in Firmware Faceoff

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Xiaomi wholeheartedly embraced stock Android with the Mi A1 launches in September last year, but it seems that the firmware is still subject to step-brotherly treatment. The reason behind this opinion is Xiaomi’s attempt to hide people’s preferences of Android One firmware over its own home-brewed MIUI.

The company recently conducted a poll on Twitter, asking fans which one of the two firmware is their favorite. But as it turns out, Xiaomi – which is very boastful and proud of its own custom ROM – did not get the desired results and more fans voted for Android One than did for MIUI. Not willing to accept this fate, the company’s Twitter handle wiped all traces of the poll.

But once, something’s on the internet, it cannot be eradicated. Moments after the poll ended, TechPP’s Raju managed to grab a screenshot of the final results which showed Android One knocking MIUI into the cocked hat by a margin of 14 percent of the votes. While MIUI received only 43 percent of the votes, Android One grabbed the majority share, seizing 57 percent of the ballot.

Xiaomi’s exact motivation behind removing the post cannot be predicted accurately, but it’s safe to speculate that the company wasn’t ready to put up with the defeat, neither did it want that to shift consumers’ focus away from the efforts it is putting the development of MIUI. But, first seeking users’ opinions and then not valuing it is simply inappropriate on Xiaomi’s part. And moreover, as a consumer brand, it is desired that Xiaomi values the opinions of users instead of behaving like a bratty toddler.

Meanwhile, recently succumbing to constant bashing from users and developers, Xiaomi finally released the kernel sources for the Mi A1. This step will help in the development of custom ROMs and modules to improve the enhance the performance of the device.

Nevertheless, as far as this episode is concerned, we hope Xiaomi learns from its mistake and welcomes users’ opinions.

SOURCE Android Police
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