These True Wireless Earbuds Double-up as a Neckband if You Run out of Battery

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The world is going wireless and so should you. But, one of the major issues with wireless audio gadgets is that they do not last long and are not as reliable as wired audio products when you’re about to start a binge-watch session of your favourite TV show. To eliminate this charging issue, a team of people worked together to develop a pair of true wireless earbuds named MIVO Earbuds that can also be used as a neckband.

You must be wondering how it would be even possible to use TWS earbuds as a neckband. Well, hear me out. These earbuds come with magnetic properties. You can attach and detach the neckband whenever you want. The best part is, the neckband charges the top wireless portion of the earbuds while you’re listening to music from the power supplied by the neckband if the battery in earbuds runs out.

Speaking of charging, the true-wireless earbuds will give you 4 hours of playback time. With the neckband attached, you get extra 19 hours of battery backup. On top of all these, you get up to 29 hours of battery life in the wireless charging case. Also, these earbuds turn off automatically if they are idle for a long time.

The companion app provided by MIVO will enable walkie-talkie functionality where messages will be streamed in real-time to your earbuds. Also, the earbuds will pair to the last paired device as soon as you take them out of the wireless charging case. You also get the ability to connect each earbud with a different device if you want to. So even if you accidentally lose one earbud, you can use the other one independently.

In terms of connectivity, MIVO earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0. You also get touch gestures for volume controls. In case you’re worried, these earbuds come with IPX5 certification, and hence, you don’t have to worry about unexpected rain or sweat in your gym workout session.

You can purchase MIVO earbuds on Kickstarter from a starting price of $44 for the Early Bird – Basic Kit which includes MIVO Earphones, Sportband, and USB-C charging cable. The Premium Kit is priced at $64 where you get everything from Basic Kit along with wireless charging case. You can also get the Kickstarter Special Premium Kit which contains exactly the same contents of Premium Kit for extra $5 in case the ordinary Premium Kit goes out of stock. There are three more options priced at $76, $79, and $124 where you get 2x sport band, 2x contents of Basic Kit, and 2x contents of Premium Kit respectively.

If you order now, you can expect to get your kit by December 2019. However, since this is a Kickstarter project, there are chances of delays and even cancellation, so use your best judgement before backing these earbuds. Anyway, what do you think of this new concept in wireless audio? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Check-out MIVO Earbuds on Kickstarter

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