Tokyo Revengers Creator Is Back with a New Manga Project

Mikey from Tokyo Revengers
Image Courtesy: Tokyo Revengers by Ken Wakui (X/@toman_official)
In Short
  • Ken Wakui, the creator of Tokyo Revengers, is set to release a new manga titled Negai no Astro soon.
  • This new manga will be released by Shueisha in Weekly Shonen Jump starting later in April 2024.
  • It's been around two years since Ken Wakui has released any new manga project.

Ken Wakui is the mastermind behind the infamous Tokyo Revengers series. This series became a blockbuster hit with its anime adaptation by LIDEN Films. Wakui wrapped up his previous work, Tokyo Revengers, in November 2022 to a ton of backlash for its rushed happy ending. Ever since, there has been no word about Wakui’s next project until today. After close to a two-year-long wait, the Tokyo Revengers creator is coming back with a new manga.

Wakui hasn’t published any new manga for nearly two years. Tokyo Revengers concluded with 279 chapters in Kodansha. But now, the creator switched platforms from Kodansha to Shueisha for his new manga titled ‘Negai no Astro‘. It can be roughly translated to an astro’s wish or a star’s wish.

Much like Tokyo Revengers’ delinquent characters, Negai no Astro is also speculated to fall into the delinquent genre but with a supernatural twist. The only other information we have about Wakui’s upcoming manga is that it will be released in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #20, which is expected to arrive on April 15, 2024.

We will be receiving a lot of new information in the coming days, so stay tuned. That said, are you excited about this new supernatural delinquent manga? Let us know in the comments below.

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