This App Lets Your Guests Vote for What Music to Play at the Party

Pyro app for spotify parties

Spotify introduced the “Groups Session” feature to let users collaborate with friends to create playlists for parties. However, it is only available for Spotify Premium users and only lets the guests add or remove tracks from a party of a host. Now, a nifty app called Pyro has been introduced to let Spotify users create listening parties and allows guests to vote for what song should be included in the playlist.

Developed by an 18-year-old college student from Germany, Pyro is essentially a client app for music streaming services. It lets users create a party for a group listening session and lets their guests choose what they want to hear. Using the app, guests will be able to vote for songs that they want to hear in real-time. Thanks to this feature, nobody would be able to sneak in cringe Bhojpuri tracks amidst Pink Floyd and Nirvana songs.

Pyro app for spotify parties

The way Pyro works is pretty simple. Users who are planning to host a music party on Spotify can connect their Spotify account in the app, create a party, and then share a unique joining link with guests to join their party. Guests can either join a party via a unique scannable QR code or an email link shared by the host.

Moreover, to help users find a party around them in a jiffy, Pyro puts all active parties within a 300ft-radius around a user on a map. This way, guests can join a party from the map inside the Pyro app. Now, do keep in mind that the hosts have the option to make their party not show up on the map. In addition, hosts can even set a password to safeguard their parties against unwanted guests.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users, although it is limited to Spotify at the moment. However, Pyro is still in its early stages, and the developer is currently collecting user feedback to improve the app. So, we expect the app to improve quite a lot with future updates. We can expect support for Apple Music, Deezer, and other streaming apps in the future.

So if you often host parties or like to listen to music with your friends, you can get Pyro right now to enjoy social listening at its best.

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