Soon You’d Be Able to Unlock Your Tesla Using Your Apple Watch Natively

Tesla Apple Watch app
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In Short
  • We might see a Tesla app for the Apple Watch that allows owners to lock and unlock Tesla using an Apple Watch.
  • Right now, it's unclear what Tesla has planned and when we might see this feature.
  • Some third-party Apple Watch apps are available to lock and unlock your Tesla.

Unlocking Tesla with your iPhone is pretty cool until your phone dies and you’re away from your iPhone’s charger. You’re locked out of your Tesla, wondering what to do. Well, this can happen more frequently than you could imagine. Interestingly, Tesla owners might soon be able to lock and unlock their cars using an Apple Watch, at least if we can believe Elon Musk’s plans.

This came after a user posted on X whether Tesla could be controlled via an Apple Watch, to which Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied “Sure”.

At the moment, it isn’t clear exactly what Tesla has planned and when we might see this feature. Honestly, we had no idea about if something like this was in the works until Musk responded to the X post.

Well, a Tesla app for the Apple Watch is long overdue now. Some third-party Apple Watch apps allow you to lock and unlock your Tesla, but the native functionality is still missing. Tessie and Stats are some of the popular apps that bring Tesla control to your Apple Watch.

When (or if) the Tesla Apple Watch app arrives, it should allow Tesla owners to unlock their car and do certain remote start their car, precondition the cabin, and more. However, these are just assumptions and expectations. Musk didn’t offer any insights on what would actually happen.

The post talks about unlocking the Tesla when your iPhone isn’t working. Now, we can expect two things. First, a full-fledged key support on your Apple Watch. Second, simply being able to unlock and start your car over the internet. You can already do that via the app when you’re outside of Bluetooth range.

Undoubtedly, “full-fledged key support” would be the best option. Since Apple Watch 6 and later models have ultra-wideband support, we can expect full phone key support through Bluetooth and Ultra-wideband.

Support for Live Activities is another long-requested feature by Tesla owners. They want the company to adopt this feature to show their car’s charging progress. Sadly, there’s no word on whether that will happen or not. Last month, Rivian added support for Live Activities and they are also working on an “Apple Watch as a key” feature as well.

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