Telegram Will Now Let Users Protect Their Content, Delete Messages by Date, and More

Telegram Will Now Let Users Protect Their Content, Delete Messages by Date, and More

Telegram has started to roll out its latest monthly update for Android and iOS devices, adding a myriad of new features for users. Amongst these, some significant features include protected content in groups and channels, deleting messages by date, log in via calls, and many others. So, let’s take a quick look at the new Telegram features included in the latest update.

Telegram Rolls Out New Features

Protected Content in Groups and Channels

Starting with the protected content feature, it aims to help creators and channel admins protect their media and posts in groups and channels. With this feature, group and channel owners can now restrict their content to group or channel members only, prevent message forwarding and screenshots, and disable the ability to save media from posts.

To enable the feature on a group or a channel, admins need to open the group or channel info page and go to the group/channel type. There will be a new Restrict Saving Content toggle which admins can enable to turn on the feature.

Delete Messages by Date

The Delete Message by Date feature lets users delete multiple messages that were sent during a certain period in one-on-one chats. It aims to give users complete control over their digital footprint on Telegram by being able to clear chat history from a specific day or date range.

To use this feature, users need to tap the date bar that appears when scrolling through 1:1 chats. On the calendar that pops up, users can select a specific date or a range of dates for which they want to delete the messages and tap the “Done” button to clear the chats.

Log In Via Call

With the latest update, Telegram is adding a new way for users to log in to their accounts. So, instead of getting a One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS to log in, some devices will receive a login call from Telegram. Users will then need to enter the last few digits of the phone number that called them to log into their account.

Text Recognition on iOS 13+ Devices and Text Formatting

Live Text is something that Apple added in iOS 15 for compatible devices. So, with this update, Telegram has enabled Text Recognition on its platform to let users select, copy, and search texts in sent or received images.

So, following the update, users will see a new Live Text icon at the bottom right corner of an image on Telegram. Tapping this will allow users to select and copy texts from images and paste them on any text field.

Other than this, iOS users will also be able to format texts in image captions to make them bold, italics, or mono-spaced. Furthermore, they will be able to add links to texts in image captions.

Other Changes

Apart from the above features, Telegram added several other features like responses to join requests, anonymous posting in public groups, and the ability to manage connected devices via the Telegram mobile app on Android and iOS. Plus, the Russia-based messaging giant added global chat themes, which were already live for iOS users with the previous update, for Android devices.

Telegram Will Now Let Users Protect Their Content, Delete Messages by Date, and More


Coming to the availability of the new features, Telegram is currently rolling out the update for both Android and iOS users. So, if you are a Telegram user, you can try updating the Telegram app on your Android or iOS device from the Play Store or the App Store to get the new features. Also, let us know your thoughts about them in the comments below.

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